Lenovo y530 low CPU usage but persistent max CPU frequency

As the name suggests, my CPU usage is less than 5% but my CPU core frequency is always maxed out at 3990Mhz. Even after changing best performance plan to better battery, the CPU frequency maxed out at 798MHz and refused to drop to zero. Does anyone have any recommendations to terminate any hidden processes that is stealing my CPU frequency. 


In fact, I had used "Get-AppxPackage -allusers | Remove-AppxPackage" in PowerShell in an attempt to remove bloatwares only to realise it also removed my GEforce driver. So I reinstalled Microsoft store using another command and that’s when the max CPU frequency problem started to happen. 


I used HWmonitor for verification. The values of core frequencies of all cores had not dropped to below 3992Mhz even when I let the laptop go idle for an hour.


I used XTU to undervolt my CPU by 0.15V and GPU by 0.10V.


Please help. Thank you very much.

Ideapad 720S-14IKB Fingerprint Sensor "cannot start"



My fingerprint sensor stopped working yesterday. In device manager it says the Synaptics WBDI "device cannot start. (Code 10)." I have tried updating the driver (it says driver already up to date), uninstalling device and restarting, and have now updated my BIOS via the Service Bridge. The error code keeps popping up. What should I do?




Auto sleep off, screen turns off

Does anyone else have a problem where the screen goes into sleep mode/turns off if you move the comouter or touch the bezels? I don’t have any battery saving or auto sleep modes on. The problem occurs when the computer is in active use (if you are typing a document, navigating a web page, swiping the screen). It can happen randomly but the only  consistent thing with this problem is that is appears to happen when you touch the screen bezels.  

On the following post, someone mentions a similar problem on point number 2 in the post:


I have also experienced that problem under the circumstances described. I have no idea what causes this because I have turned off all auto sleep modes, screensavers and battery saving options. 

This problem does not occur too often, it is intermittent, so many owners of this machine may not have discovered it yet, but it is incredibly annoying. It can disrupt active tasks and sometimes when you are using the main screen in tablet mode, it can happen several times. I have not dropped nor mistreated my Lenovo Yoga Book C930 and the problem was first detected within a few days of the laptop having been delivered. At first I thought it was just a glitch but whatever it is, it can cause disruption while using the machine and ruin the experience of operating this computer. I haven’t had any other issues with this machine and I think it is a shame that there is this glitch. My machine has the M3 processor and not the i5. 

Lenovo laptops suddenly unable to connect one WiFi network – AMT Profile Sync popup also displayed

I was having Internet disruption when I rebooted my router multiple times and now suddenly not able to connect my WiFi network (on that router). Other WiFi network is connecting fine which is an extension to the same router. 

I have a number of devices like Surface Pro and Samsung Phone which are connecting fine.

The issue is occuring only on my Lenovo devices i.e: P1,P50 and Yoga 730

I have also tried restarting router,PC multiple times and also tried Forget and then add the network again, as soon I enter the password and click next it says: "Unable to connect to this network"

My Lenovo Vantage and Windows updates are all up to date.

I am using McAfee antivirus +firewall and also have tried disablng the firewall with no luck.

I have also tried to reset Network adapter and Disable/Enable the Lenovo WiFi security

I am using Windows 10 on all these machines. Screenshots are attached for the Intel Popup


95-97C temperatures when gaming / thermal throttling very, very often

Hello, I received my Legion Y740-15IRHg Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81UH gaming laptop last friday.  I have noticed the temperatures go really high when playing Destiny 2 or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.  The computer has a i9750h processor and a RTX 2080 with MaxQ GPU and I have these games running in highest graphic settings.  However, I see the CPU Package runs at very high temperature 95-97C (max) and there is a lot of Thermal Throttling very often.  Fans are of course loud.   Is this normal?  I have BIOS 1.07 installed and Vantage is set to "Balanced Mode".  I recently downloaded Vantage from the Microsoft Store as a suggestion from Windows 10.  Not sure if that was the right thing to do.  The UI on Vantage now looks different.


I’m currently in Canada and what worries me is that in December I will keep my laptop to South America for a trip and it’s summer there and there are no ACs.  This can probably be a problem for the laptop.



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