Lenovo T450 does not recognise the inserted SIM card

Hello everyone,

I hope that someone will be able to help me out here. My Thinkpad T450 is equiped with Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE adaptor. The only SIM card recognised by it is issued by Telenor in Bulgaria. If I switch the Telenor SIM card with another SIM card e.g. issued by Max Telecom or Bulsatcom Windows is unable to recognise the SIM card inserted and I’m not able to use the data service. The OS is keep displaying message "Insert SIM card". There is zero problems with the Telenor card. It works like a charm everytime. The Max telecom card worked only once for couple of hours for no reason and it stopped after that whitout any obvious reasons why. I have reinstalled the drivers couple of times without any success. The Wireless adaptor is working properly and I am able to see the avaliable networks in the command promt window but still the device is not recognising the SIM cards inserted (exept the Telenor one). The SIM cards are tested with my Nokia 8 Sirocco Androide Phone and they all work without any problems. The Adaptor firmware is version 1.2, and the computer was tested for hardware issues by the local Lenovo dealer Lirex. According to them the device is fully functional and the LTE adaptor is working properly. Does anybody knows why the device is recognising only the Telenor SIM card? All SIM cards are with PIN switched off and all of them are working with the phone and Qualcomm USB 4G LTE Dongle.

Lenovo did not provide cash back for this purchase message on Rakuten

I purchased a tablet from Lenovo using Rakuten’s cash back and when I log into my account at Rakuten for this order it says "Lenovo did not provide cash back for this purchase" which doesn’t make sense since it is for Lenovo site wide? This order was made on 8/18 so it’s not like it is something that is still processing, it flat out says the cash back was not provided.

Touchpad driver – evaluation copy

On my Windows 10 system (Lenovo V570), the most current touchpad driver (v19+) does not support one-finger scrolling.  That’s the only advanced feature I use on the touchpad!


I’ve been able to get the v16 version from the Lenovo website and get it installed.


However, it shows "Evaluation Copy". 


It also does not let me select "Vertical Scrolling". Not sure if that’s related.


Any idea how to enable vertical scrolling?


T420 detects SSD but won't boot from it

Dear all,

It has been a while since I haven’t used my Lenovo Thinkpad T420 (i7, 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM, 120GB Crucial SSD).

The last few days I’m trying to boot it up. Most of the time it won’t go further than the Boot Menu screen. In that screen I can see both my DVD drive and my SSD. If I click to boot from the SSD, the screen flashes for a second then I get the same boot menu screen again. Only way to get out of there is to hard shut the computer down, and try again.

After many attempts the machine may occasionally manage to boot on Windows. Then it is usable for 10-15 minutes max. Then it freezes, and if I restart, I get the same boot menu screen again and again.

Tried to enter the Safe Mode, but most of the time it freezes before it loads Windows.

Tried to boot from the recovery disks, but still I get a black screen of death saying that Windows failed to start.

Can you please advice?

The laptop and the SSD are both 7 years old. I’m considering buying a new SSD, but not before I know what is really happenning.

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,


Usb-C port not working T470

I have a Thinkpad T470 and wanted to try out the charging feature and display connectivity features that the usbc can handle. But after two days of using the port it suddenly stopped working. 
i have checked and reinstalled drivers for the battery, charger controllers and the usb drivers. Checked settings in bios and disabled fast startup and unchecked the "allow disable device" setting for the usb driver.


Noe windows is updated to the latest version and vantage says all critical and optional updates are installed. 

A day after the usbc port died the pc stopped charging. Now i have checked the settings once more but alas i cant find the problem or solve it. The only option i havent tried is take out all batteries including the internal battery and force shutdown and restart the pc reinstalling battery and charging drivers.


I have not used the port for any orher things that to connect to my phone, charge from a power bank or recgarge the power bank/ headset/ phone. It seems odd that it should just stop working.


Any help is greatly appreaciated!


The device is within the warranty period. 

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