Lenovo ix4-300d firmware 4.1.304.34286 download

Hi everyone,


i want to upgrade the firmware of my lenovo nas.


I see a new firmware available on my nas control panel but the provided link doesn’t work.


Anyone can help me please?



thinkpad t450 ssd M2 2242

Just to be sure, can i fit 

Transcend MTS400, M.2 – 128GB  TS128GMTS400

into my thinkpad t450?


thank you.

Wifi and Bluetooth disappeared



I’ve got a Yogo 510 and last week got all my Bluetooth and Wifi working and I could connect to any Wifi network in range. Now the Wifi adaptor s not listed next to the Ethernet connection and bluetoth is not visible anywhere. The overriding reason for my flap is that I am due to go abroad tomorrow and will need Wifi!!


Now I do recall that  on some laptops, there is a Fn key way of turning off Wif etc – Not airplane mode but another combination of keys possibly – and I wonder if I have inadvertently pressed the keys that have made Wifi comms disappear into the ether? It is working ok with an RJ45 cable plugged in.


Any help much appreciated.




Lenovo Smart Display – No Audio

I just got a new Lenovo Smart Display (8" with the gray back). I completed the setup with my phone, and got to the point where I can talk to it.


However, there is no audio output from the speaker. I can see it hear my questions, and see the responses on the display, but there’s no audio output.


I’ve tried setting the volume to 10 using the buttons, saying "Hey Google, volume 10". I’ve tried casting music from my phone to the display, and also done a factory reset of the device. No Luck.


I still don’t have audio output from the speaker.


What else can I try? Is returning the display the only option?

Thinkpad E530, Win 7, no caps lock notifications

Caps lock on screen notifications have disappeared, then discovered other hot keys were not working, vol, brightness etc. Reinstalled the hot key driver and some came back, vol & brightness work but not caps lock, wifi adapter, microphone etc have no on screen notifications.


Any clues on how to get these all back working again ?

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