Lenovo 520S (Thinkcentre) all in one – Second Monitor

I have purchased a Lenovo 520S (Thinkcentre) all in one and am trying to connect the second monitor.  When I plug in the second monitor it would not detect the second monitor (Phillips 27 inch monitor).  I comes up with "check cable connection".  I purchased a new hdmi cable, turned off the monitor at the power supply and then turned it back on.  It worked.  The problem I have is that each time I shut down my computer (or it goes into sleep mode) and then reboot I get the same error message on my second monitor (check cable connection).  I have to turn the second monitor off at the power supply and then turn it back on for it to work.  I do not have this problem if I only restart my computer.  Unfortunately I do walk away from the computer and sometimes it goes into sleep mode.  Is there any way I can fix this problem.

Ideapad 720s-ARR – NVME ONLY!?



I have an Ideapad 720s ARR Ravenridge that came with the SK Hynix 256GB NVME SSD. Since I need more HD space I wanted to upgrade it to a news Samsung EVO 860 2TB M.2 which is SATA and not NVME.

However the BIOS is not detecting the new drive. So i treid another M.2 SATA drive (Sandisk 128GB) and that also does not show up in the BIOS?


So myquestion: Does the ideapas only support NVME drives via M.2? – that would be the 1st time I hear about this, usually it is the other way around

Official Compliant about an Order

I have a complaint about my order. I ordered with the sales rep over the phone. Days later, I called because I never received a confirmation to my email. The rep said my order was still processing and they instructed me to wait and that I would receive an email. Weeks later I called again, today 6/29/18, only to find out that Lenovo cancelled my order. Their reason was that there was a typo in my name. But I ordered over the phone and obviously the sales rep entered the information incorrectly. This was supposed to be a Father’s Day gift and now there is nothing. Order No. 4249726209.

5th gen X1 strange keyboard layout : Windows 10 Pro 64(Norwegian,Swedish,English, Finnish

Bit silly question, can someone recocnize this layout and where to find this layout.

Please look e.g. no1 key. its 1 and +. look question mark key. there is usually + 


It´s slightly annoying to browse some special characters.


T 410 will not power up with power button

I can start it using wake on LAN or by enabling in BIOS Wake when power is connected but the button does nothing. I replaced the battery and CMOS battery but no good. I disassembled the keyboard twice and reseated it but I see nothing wrong – Actually I didn’t see how the power button is even supposed to work. I’ve tried the remove battery, press power 10 times and then press and hold for 30 seconds – No help.

I’ve done a lot of upgrades – SSD and MAX RAM so I hate to just chunk it and bought another used one off of Ebay but it will be hard to replace this one because besides for the power button everything works perfectly.

Hopefully I can cannibalize one of them to make one good T 410 but need advice on what needs replacing as in…

Could this be just a keyboard issue ?

If its the system board (how can I tell) would it be better to try to swap them or migrate my RAM and SSD to the machine I just bought.

All the diagnostics show all is working properly.



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