Lenevo k5 note dead

I bought my Lenevo k5 note phone in Feb 2017 from India and till last week it was working perfectly fine but suddently its now completely dead, not even powering on. If I put on charger, it’s getting hot like anything.

Currently we are staying in Netherlands and do not find any Lenevo smart phone service center here..neither any local vendor.

Can anyone pls help me, how to switch on my phone and repair!! 

310-15ASR – No functioning after bios update



I have a 310-15ASR Desktop (ideacentre) and updated the bios to the latest one available on this page since it was recommended. I did it under windows 10, and as said in the read-me file it rebooted after the bios flash but didn’t boot up since then. 

I waited a few minutes before shutting down the computer and boot the PC again but nothing happens. The screen stays dark.


My mouse and keyboard flash up in a three second interval (rgb Color function) but the computer doesn’t boot up.

What did I do wrong or what happened??


Can I reset the bios to the standard one or what can I do at all? Is the motherboard broken now? 


Please help me with this. Thank you in advance.



Mod’s Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.


Lenovo k8 plus charging problem!!!!!!

My Lenovo k8 plus sometime charge normally but most of time it doesnt charge at all it get stuck on one charging percentage for hours.what should i do ??

W530 presenting graphical artifacting and corruption on Integrated Graphics.


I own a Thinkpad W530 which i usually work with linux and windows 10.  since a few days it has starting to sho, yet again,  graphical problems, horizontal scanlines-like artifacts, low resolution, color banding, inverted colors, now, if i boot the laptop with graphical device set either on Integrated Graphics or Nvidia Optimus this is what i get. Blue tinted image with low resolution image. this for both BIOS and Windows/Linux

i mention "yet again" because the same happened to me 6 months ago and i fixed it by replacing the entire screen (i didnt bother to test the dedicated gpu) , but at this moment im a bit of a crossroads, as i dunno if this is the Actual screen yet again (which i doubt as i can get clear image with the dedicated GPU) or if its related to the CPU, which includes the integrated graphics, or the motherboard, which according to the Wistron schematics contains the hardware mux for both cards. 

if anyone have any idea i would really appreciate it. 


PS: Detail of how bad it looks on integrated.


how it should look

Can I charge my P51 with a MyCharge Razor Platinum C?

So I bought  this charger for my Lenovo P51; I can charge my phone with it, but I’ve tried plugging it into my P51 with a USB-C cable, and I don’t see the charging icon show up. Is it possible to charge it with this portable charger? Do i need a USB-A male-to-male cable to use this power bank, or it isn’t compatible?

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