Legion Y540 17" eats power tips

I have some serious heating issues with my Legion Y540 17".  When gaming, the laptop gets so hot it eats the tips of the power adapters.


Here’s a picture:


I bought two additional power adapters, and all three ended up looking exactly the same.  The yellow tips get burned away in the middle.  And it turns out those yellow tips aren’t decorative; they are essential for getting power through to the laptop.


I called the warranty department, only to find out that "damage" isn’t covered even if the damage is caused by excess heat.  Also, the power jack is soldered onto the motherboard, meaning that the only way to replace the power jack is to replace the entire motherboard.  And a replacement motherboard costs as much as a new laptop.


The upshot is I’m stuck with a brand-new gaming laptop that I can’t do any actual gaming on.  With expert positioning of the power cable I can get it to charge up, but as soon as it heats up I lose the power connection and then the battery drains to zero in no time at all while gaming.


Does anyone know what the yellow stuff is made of?  Is there any way I could replace that part of the tip without having to buy another $100 230W power adapter?

Lenovo Yoga 720 Yellow Screen – Tried Every Fix!

I have read every thread available on how to fix this yellow screen issue that arose when I was prompted to upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10. 


My Lenovo never had Paper Display installed, so it’s not that.

I do not have Night Light on.

Lenovo EyeCare is turned off. *

I am running the most current drivers and software.

I have attempted to calibrate my monitor.


* Turning this ON is the only thing that makes my display less yellow, but it’s still not how it used to be. I’m a graphic designer and web developer and having this kind of color tint it a real issue. It makes me never want ot buy a Lenovo again and I’ve recommended this laptop to a lot of people.


There has to be something more definitive than "turn off night light/paper display".



Possible to replace broken laptop screen for P51s?

My P51s laptop screen broke some time ago, and I’ve just been using it docked to external monitors.

Is it possible replace the screen?

Here are the details:  

Display Panel : 15.6" FHD (1920×1080), OnCell Touch, no WiGig, WLAN, WWAN


P1 gen 2 battery time estimate

I bought a new P1 gen 2 recently and wondering why estimates of the time on battery is typically small and fluctuates wildly.


I can get an estimate for less than 2 hours for 90% of battery with no CPU load after restart, then 15 minutes later it’s 4h for 89% etc.


Is it the same for everybody?

Thinkpad X410e — Get out of BIOS Read-Only mode, Reset supervisor password , Change boot order

I dont know the supervisor password and long story short I need to change the boot order. However, the BIOS is in Read only mode. 

Do I have to further dismantle this model to reset the supervisor password? All the solutions I’ve done haven’t really made any progress. I heard it could be a EEPROM thing I have to do too, but please let me know what other options I can try. 


Things I’ve done so far

Removed battery , Lifted the lid (photo 1) 


-Plugged out the CMOS battery (photo 2)

When waiting and plugged back in it just gave me Real Time reset and error, it did not unlock the BIOS


-Replaced CMOS battery with a different one 

The settings from the other CMOS battery didn’t transfer over or reset the BIOS 


-Switched cables that were covered in plastic caps with the other set that were plugged in (photo 3) 

Tan and black were replaced with the red and blue available, didn’t do anything


-Tried to find default bios passwords 

No luck 




I’m kinda at a loss for this model thinkpad seems like I’ve tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work for it. 


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