K8 plus battery issue..drains.faster

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Thinkstation P410 fails to boot after BIOS update

I have a Thinkstation P410 workstation and am unable to get the workstation to boot. I recently installed a BIOS update via the Lenovo Vantage software. The installation appeared to complete successfully and it asked me to reboot the workstation. Upon reboot the workstation boots to the Lenovo screen but does not proceed further. No options appear for entering the BIOS setup or for booting an operating system.  There are no apparent beep codes. I believe the version of BIOS installed by Lenovo Vantage is S00KT55A.


  Does anyone have any suggestions for restoring the BIOS so that the workstation can successfully boot?



Y700-15ACZ R9 card is dead. Possible to install mobo from Y700-15ISK?

Had this machine for awhile.  Honestly the Radeon GPU has been nothing but issues.  Now, when using the card, the machine will reboot itself.  When it comes back up Windows doesn’t even see that it has an R9 chip. I’ve reinstalled Windows 10 a few times. Used different drivers, including those on lenovo’s website.  Nothing fixes the problem. 


To that end I started looking for hardware resolutions.  This machine is out of warranty.  Looking at the mobos from the 15ISK, they look almost identcal.  All of the connections appear to be the same.  The heat sink appears to be the same.  Which, from a cost prospective would make sense.  Does anybody know if this is a like for like swap?  Anybody ever done this?  I can get the mobo for around $400.  I’m not really willing to invest any more money into this machine than that.  Opinions?  Thanks!

WHEA-Logger Event 19 / Processor Core / Corrected Machine Check / Internal Parity Error / W541

Posted to allow cross-reference and verification with other users.  If Lenovo staff have specific knowledge of this issue kindly let us know.


Confirmed that after updating a Thinkpad W541 to Lenovo Bios on 2/January/2018 I have the following errors in the Windows Event Log (Windows 7):




A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Corrected Machine Check
Error Type: Internal parity error
Processor ID: 0

The details view of this entry contains further information.




Lenovo k6 power camera slow motion funtion

the slow motion funtion of camera feature clearty gone after update to nougat.
very poor quality 

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