How to use SAS HDD's on Lenovo ThinkStation S30?

I am currently using 3 SATA HDD’s on my Lenovo ThinkStation S30. I now wish to switch to SAS HDD’s. I see that the motherboard is equipted with 3 blue coloured SATA ports for the use of SAS drives.I have 2 questions:

1. How can I get SAS drives to work when PSU and board has SATA connectors independently, whereas I need a one cable connector to plugin the HDD’s.

2. I read in the community section elsewhere that the board needs to be enabled for SAS drives to work. I couldnt understand the picture on the web page and neither was anything mentioned regarding enabling it. Looking at the picture it seemed as if I need a (hardware) electric board which needs to be pluged in or something.

Please advise. I will be grateful.

Thank you.


M. Sohail Azeem.


Lenovo Ideapad 14" 81F4018AMX – RAM upgrade

What are the RAM upgrade alternatives for Ideapad 14" version 81F4018AMX.
Model I have comes with preinstalled 4Gb, and I would like to know if this model has empty slot for, say, 8Gb extra memory, giving a total of 12Gb.

x1 carbon 7th, function key behavior , volume (f1~f3) working right away but the others not working



especially f4 and f5-f6 (brightness) working like 20 sec later …


i don’t know what to do


i just bought  2days ago, i updated all the drivers


only f1 ,f2 and f3 is working and showing that working but


otherthings not working 

Order on Process 1 week now

Heya i ordered Lenovo thinpad e490 allmost 1 week ago. It Said 1-2 Day shipping and now 1 week later still Order on Process, Any idea how long it takes that i can get my product? Im seriosly woried when i get my new laptop :/

 Order number is 7723993239

P1 2nd Gen – Other TrackPoint and Touchpad-Button Options?



I’m quite happy with my new P1 2nd Gen, except the pointing devices suck. Lenovo seems to have switched the TrackPoint to ALPS which comes very stiff, choppy and inaccurate. I played around with udev rules and acceleration settings which made it a bit better, but it is still far from the awesome accuracy and smoothness of the W540, my last machine. Same with the three buttons on top of the TrackPad – especially the left one doesn’t react reliably when hit on the lower right corner. I have to press a second time every ten clicks or so. This definitely sucks, so my question is: Is anyone aware of other manufacturers/options of especially TrackPoints and TouchPad-buttons for the P1 apart from ALPS?




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