how to activate safe mode in my Lenovo smart phone S 5

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I want to know, .

Android version 8.0.0


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Lenovo Flex 2-15 sound speaker still working even though earphone is plugged

Isit I need to reinstall Flex 2-15 sound driver? Where can I download it?

Lenovo 730 13" Green line on Screen

Hello, My Lenovo 730’s screen has a small green line that has appeared on the top left corner of the screen. I have not dropped the computer and the Bios are updated along with the Graphic drivers. 

Is their a fix and is this covered under the basic U.S. Warranty?

P330 Tower 2.5" Hard Drive Adapters

I customized my P330 Tower with the idea of adding two 3.5" drives, one in the main bay and one in the front enclosure. The low prices for Samsung SATA III SSDs has made me think otherwise. I now want to mount two 2.5" SSDs in the P330. It came with plastic drive holders as pictured below (Black in the main bay and blue in the front enclosure that has rear access only). PsuTurtle told me that the black one needs the 01EF817 adapter for the 2.5" drive.


What adapter do I need for the blue one in the front enclosure? Looks like the 01EF817 would work there also, but I want to be sure just in case there’s an interference problem which I can’t forsee. There’s a small fan attached to the enclosure which partly covers the rear opening.


Linux Vendor Firmware Support

Does anyone have any infomation regarding Lenovo’s plans for extending their support of LVFS to ThinkCentre machines? ThinkPads and ThinkStations are becoming well-represented but it seems as if Lenovo is intentionally choosing to ignore Linux users who choose ThinkCentre.

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