Adjusting player height

My 10 year old son must look up to the ceiling in order to see opposing player.  Is there a way to adjust the height so that he is looking straight?

w540 second hard drive is missed sometime


I have lenovo w540 laptop, the model goes with two hard drives – ssd and hdd.


The problem is – the second hard drive (hdd) is not seen from the bios and second OS (ubuntu).

I can use the hdd from pre-installed win10. It’s displayed as virtual drive though and I can’t even see what type of hdd exactly it is.


So, the question – how can I have access to hdd outside of windows?


I’ve tried to switch off secure boot and changing uefi/legacy boot setups – didn’t help. Also, drive has ntfs filesystem, should be accessible from any system.


Lenovo Thinkcentre M Series USB

The specification for the M Series, specifically the M910, shows an optional "USB 3.1 Type-C" module.  There is no way to order this option and the sales team now says "this option is not available in US".  Does anybody know why?  I would like to purchase computer with latest technology, so are there suggestions.  I am looking at both SSF and Tower versions.  Or is there a work around to this limitation?


Thank you!

P51 Memory Upgrade Problem

I ordered a P51 with 16GB of memory.  I ordered another 16GB stick for an upgrade.  Unfortunately, I could not find anywhere in the documentation on how Lenovo implements the 16GB memory.  I found one stick in slot 1 (bottom slot under the keyboard).  Problem is there is only 1 piece of mylar that covers the factory installed memory.  Can I install my new memory in Slot 3 (top slot) without a problem?  There is the one piece of mylar separating the two memory sticks.  The problem lies with the metal cover that will be sitting on top of the new memory stick.  There is no mylar that will protect it.  I was thinking of using a piece of the static bag, but I could see that melting.  Any ideas?  Or am I over thinking this?  Everything I read said that you should install in pairs.  Slot #1 & #3    and #2 & #4.  So for performance reasons, I’d think that putting the memory in slot 3 is what I want.  Now I’m stuck.

Error after upgrading SSD Drive

My new Lenovo T470 came with a 256GB SSD and I had purchased a replacement 512GB SSD (Thinkpad 512GB PCle NVME TLC OPAL M.2 SSD) and after installing the drive and running tests succesfully, when boot up, I get a blue screen of death when it attempts to start Windows 7 even in safe mode.  Any suggestions?

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