Yoga C930 Zoom on Camera lost after Update

I have a new Yoga C930.  The camera doesn’t seem to work – I can select it on the apps menu, and the function opens OK but the camera is dark (black, nothing there).  Am I missing something?  How do I turn this on?  Is the camera maybe not installed? 


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W510 cannot power on after replacing thermal paste, loud "chirping" sounds coming from 135W adapter

Hi all,


As my W510 was already experiencing thermal issues prior to this, so I stepped in to replace the thermal paste with the thermal Grizzly Kryonaut on the Graphics Adapter and the CPU. I applied a thin layer although it was slightly uneven, then replaced the components.


When I tried re-booting, the computer got stuck at the bios screen and I powered it off.


It now refuses to power up, and I hear a rather loud chirping sound coming from the attached 135W adapter, as if the adapter is powering on and off repeatedly.


I have reseated the RAM and reset the CMOS but to no avail.


Have I created a short circuit somewhere? Is my unit really dead?


I would appreciate any assistance here. Thanks!

p52S and Dell P2719hc

I have a brand new P52S and i cannot get my new dell P2719HC monitor to recognize the USB-C port. The Dell supports USB-C. I am on windows 10.

Legion Y740 recovery mode

How do you access recovery mode? I don’t even see a recovery partition. This laptop is brand new but I want to know how to access in case something happens.

Lenovo Tab3 P8 Audio problem

Após conectar um cabo p2 em meu tablet, o mesmo passou a fazer um chiado alto sempre quando toca algum som. mesmo estando sem o fone de ouvido conectado.


inclusive deixando ele desligado e com o carregar conectado ele emite um barulho muito estranho de tempos em tempos.


como faço para recorrer a assistência do mesmo?



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After connecting a p2 cable to my tablet, it always starts to hiss loudly when it beeps. even when the headset is not connected.


including leaving it off and with the charge connected it emits a very strange noise from time to time.


how do I get help from it?







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