Yoga 730 15" screen glitch

Anyone else getting screen glitches randomly while using the yoga 730? Purchased it from Staples canada and I’m out of the country for a few months. I upgraded the drivers for display and bios still having the same effect.

using tab key excel

Trying to use excel file on tab 4 tb-x304f.  I can open the file,but but not able to get tab to work inside the table as on the laptop.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?  

Reinstall Windows without the discs

How do I reinstall Windows in my G50-70 without the discs?

If I turn Raid back on in BIOS will it erase Windows 10?

Prior owner of my W700 turned off Raid and installed Windows 10 Pro. I would like to turn it back on and be able to use the dual hard drive setup in raid. I’ve heard that it would ruin my current system. Any thoughts?

which is best browser to instal on the mirage solo

I have tried Chrome, firefox but can only get 2d flat screen, no 360 or 3d, Lenovo don’t seem to want to help and so I was wondering if there were any one from this forum that could help me, maybe I am not installing them right, or my settings are wrong

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