Yoga 2Pro some keys not working after update a week ago. Also, Short cut keys not working copy past

Thinkpad T440 Tocuhpad not working on Windows 10

Sorry, but at this point I’m really very annoyed. How can a bloody OS not support properly the most common think you find on a laptop – oooo – a touchpad. I’ve just installed windows 10 from scratch and my tocuhpad does not work.

1. It is enabled in the BIOS

2. I’ve installed the latest Synaptic driver (several bloody times and uninstalled)

3. In the `ThinkPad` tab of the Mouse control panel everything regarding the Touchpad is just grayed out.


I mean this makes the laptop as useless as a brick. It’s main purpose is to be usefull on its own no that I need an extra mouse just to make basic usage. This is either on more reason to ditch windows for Linux for good or that Lenovo or who ever manufactures has so bad support that my mind will explode. 


We are in the 2018!

Buy a new screen for my mobile Lenovo k6note

Dear all 

I am from Saudi Arabia and I don’t know from where I can buy a new screen for my mobile which is Lenovo k6note white color please advice me 

Thanks in advance for all 

Ideapad 320 touchpad won't drag

Greetings. I have a brand new Ideapad 320-15IAP laptop – actually two of them! One is just fine the other has a problem with the touchpad. Both have had Windows deleted and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed. One of the laptops has normal touchpad function except when trying to drag (pressing the left click and moving the cursor with the touchpad). Once the left click is pressed, the touchpad will not move the cursor. A USB mouse works normally on the malfunctioning laptop. Since the other identical laptop works fine and both were upgraded to Ubuntu in the same hour, and USB mouse works OK; it is clearly neither a driver issue nor an OS issue. But here are my questions:


1) how do I request service to repair this touchpad?

2) preliminary checks suggest I would have to ship it to the USA, but can that be correct? Does Lenovo provide a shipping authorization?

3) Since Lenovo support seems to be software-focused, how will the presence of Ubuntu OS affect my prognosis? I did not see any information with the laptop when I purchased it requiring that I retain Windows as my OS to retain warranty coverage – did I miss some small print somewhere?


Thank you for your kind assistance!

Yoga 710-15ISK SE Screen no longer backlit

Computer was working fine and I folded down the screen, walked downstairs to use the computer and when the screen was lifted it was blank.  Power light shows on, but nothing shown on the screen.  Took it back upstairs and connected my external monitor via MicroUSB port and I can use the computer, but the laptop screen shows nothing.


Updated the BIOS as recommendedUpdated the INTEL 520 driver by uninstalling driver then restarting with generic driver and installing updated driver from INTEL’s websiteTried the power down (release static) 20 times and nothingRemoved case and unplugged battery, discharged with power button and nothing

I then pluged it back into my monitor to use and noticed the screen was actually displaying, but you can only make out the picture if you put a bright light onto the screen.  Basically, the laptop screen is showing the image, but without it being backlite so the screen seems completely black unless you shine a bright light onto it and you can makeout the images.  Also, touchscreen still seems to work as I touch the screen I can see it on my monitor.


Called the help line and they said either cable or LCD screen.  I want to try all options prior to purchasing $270 LCD screen.

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