Y740 or Wait for the Y750

Hi! I was wondering if it is worth waiting for the newer Lenovo Legion Y750 or buying the Y740 now. I have heard that the Y750 will have a better design and maybe a better battery, so i was wondering what you all think. Thank You

X1 Carbon 7th Gen running while in sleep mode

Hey guys,


I’ve had this X1 Carbon 7th gen for a while now… some minor issues here and there, but nothing critical overall … until now.


Often when I eventually come back to my laptop that I left in sleep, the fans will be spinning and the body of the laptop will be warm as though it’s been doing something while I was away. I have tried swapping the sleep states from Linux to Windows and back again, updating to latest BIOS & Video drivers. It seems fairly inconsistent… at least I am unable to recognize a specific pattern which causes the condition. 


I wouldn’t necessarily be concerned if it were just the fans spinning, but since the body of the laptop is warm, it would appear to be causing unnecessary wear on the rest of the hardware… I have no idea what it’s actually doing.


Any ideas on this one? I found an old post suggesting to remove some software called "Glance", but it is not installed in this case (I did a fresh install on my own hard drive when I received the laptop).


I would also potentially attribute the fan to TPFanControl, but that wouldn’t explain why the laptop is warm? My concern is if I uninstall it, the laptop will go back to never running the fan for me which appeared to be the default behavior. Also I didn’t seem to have this issue when I initially configured TPFanControl, it only seemed to appear after I started using the Lenovo Grahics Dock… but it will do it now on other chargers as well (I typically leave it plugged in) that are not docks / are just plain USB-C chargers.


Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

ThinkPad Yoga Data Recovery

can you help me please.
i have a yoga thinkpad 2016 best buy is telling me M@ no moving parts cant be recovered data. i dont know who to believe machine wont go on. where can i get informed ? i believe its a PSU problem many have said their tools for recovery are basic. help


Moderator note: off-topic post moved to its own thread. Subject edited to match content. Was: Re: P51 SSD Firmware update killed drives

Ideapad S340 Audio through headphone jack not working

Hello, today I was listening to a podcast on my laptop using apple earbuds and just randomly the audio quit. I unplugged my headphones and played through the speakers and it worked fine, so I just went and restarted my laptop. Audio through the speakers still worked, and I plugged my earbuds back in and it still wouldn’t play audio through them and instead just didn’t have audio come out of anything, like before I restarted it. I tried a different pair of headphones, a pair of hyperx headphones, and they didn’t work either. I then checked them using my Xbox one and audio played through both of those pairs of headphones. I then found a support article for Lenovo thinkpads saying to uninstall the Realtek driver and restart my laptop again, which I did. I then updated the realtek driver and still the same thing. I then plugged in an audiotechnica usb to 3.5 mm dongle and plugged the same apple earbuds into that, and it played audio




What might be the issue, and how can I fix it? I bought this laptop brand new from Best Buy about a month ago, could it have a defective audio jack that just randomly quit working after working fine for a month? Please help!

E480 sluggish keyboard and touchpad issues

I’m having similar issues to https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-11e-Windows-13-E-and/Thinkpad-E585-Keyboard-Lag/m-p/4294849, where the keyboard is laggy both on Win10 and on Linux (which I mainly use). The problem is not in the OS because plugging external keyboard works ok.


The solution was supposed to be provided by the BIOS v1.46, but E480 only has BIOS v1.35 available.


Also, with E485 https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-11e-Windows-13-E-and/E485-strangely-unresponsive-keyboard/td-p/4170418 the solution was supposed to be provided by v1.32, but I’m still experiencing it with v1.35.


Can I expect a newer version of BIOS for the E480 model to be released at some point?



Interestingly, on Linux there’s also an issue where at times the touch pad completely freezes, this seems to happen when using the touchpad immediately after typing. I’m quite sure the dmesg log shows warnings


rfkill: input handler disabled


whenever the touchpad stops responding and


rfkill: input handler enabled


when it responds again. This might be a Linux problem as touchpad does not freeze in such a way on Windows, but I wanted to mention that one too. I usually use mouse with the laptop so I’m mostly concerned about keyboard and thus the BIOS update.

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