Y530 USB-C port is always on how to disable it

The USB-C port of my laptop seems to be always on, even though I disabled the USB always on option in BIOS.


I connected a USB-C hub to it and connected a keyboard a mice and a cooler to the hub. When i shut down the computer keyboard mice and cooler keeps running.


Is there a way to turn the port off when my computer shuts down?


Yoga 530-14IKB can't configure middle click or right click on active pen

my problem like this.

Ideapad 720s-15ikb Screen replacement. Is it possible replace 4k touch LCD with FHD Non-touch panel?

Hello lenovo,


I have the Ideapad 720s-15ikb with 4k Touchscreen.

I want to replace the LCD, because the screen is damaged (there is a black horizontal line accross the LCD).

I’ve been looking for 4k touch screen replacement, but most that I found are very expensive.

So I want to replace my screen with FHD non touch panel.


My question is, is possible to replace the 4k touch in my laptop with FHD non touch?

If its possible, what are the parts that I need to replace?

Is only the LCD? or are there more parts?

Can you give me the part numbers?


Thanks in advance.

Is it possible to swap a FHD screen to UHD screen for the Lenovo Yoga 730 13 inch

Recently, I brought a Lenovo Yoga 730 with a touch FHD screen and would be interested in upgrading the screen to touch UHD. I prefer UHD over FHD as it’s better for my eyes and reading in general.

I’m unsure if the pin connectors are the same for the two different panel types. Has anyone attempted this? Please chime in if you have.

the laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad miix2 8 Does the motherboard come with BIOS

the laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad miix2 8 Does the motherboard come with BIOS (in English)? I have the Microsoft Windows operating system and will install that myself but the board must have a BIOS in English for that to be possible.

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