Y25f not displaying image or anything

I just received a replacement for my monitor that wasn’t working correctly (it was skipping frames). I plugged everyting in and there’s nothing on the screen. The power indicator light is amber, not completely black and not as bright as it is when it’s supposed to be on. Nothing happens when I press the buttons on the monitor, move my mouse, press keys on my keyboard. I have tried both dp and hdmi cables with no effects.


I want to add that when I plug in my old monitor, the power indicator light first goes amber and then goes black. After that I normally turn it on, the light comes up and the monitor works. That amber power indicator light doesn’t turn off on the new one at all. Any help?

Ideapad 720S-131KB – Screen Flicker Issue

Hello All,


I suddenly got this screen flickering problem in my IP 720S-131KB laptop. I first visited the Service center and they suggested me to go for On Site support as i have that in my warranty. Hence i contacted Call center and placed complaint on 5th September and they logged it in after verifying videos of the problem. But since then i have been continously following up and all they can say is that "Sir Since you have waited this long please wait some more." It seems the part is not available in India. I spoke to a senior lady in the call center and she too told me that she will update but there is no update from Lenovo. All they keep doing is raising Parts request and the same is reflected in my Service request atatchment. I am surprised that being a premium laptop and no spare parts in India? If they cannot service then they should not seel premium laptops. I am regretting my decision to buy Lenovo brand. Never had these issues with Dell or HP.


Can somebody here help by escalating this issue.

PWM in P53?


Does p53 with 4K antiglare display use PWM?

Ideapad S540-15IWL GTX availability

So i wanted to buy a laptop good enough for my needs and work. I found Ideapad S540-15IWL GTX (81SW0020MH), a laptop with great specs for me. Unfortunately, i searched every e shop i could find even those far away from my country(im from Greece)and i couldn’t find anything. Like this laptop doesn’t exist. I messaged shops and Lenovo’s Facebook page and no one responded. Does  anyone knows if they are gonna be available in the future?

X1C7 Thunderbolt firmware upgrade 43


is reporting an update to the Thunderbolt Controller for my X1 Carbon 7th gen.  The update is version 43 and it comes with the instruction:

Before update, set the Thunderbolt BIOS Assist Mode to "Disable" in BIOS setup under Config > Thunderbolt 3.

However that setting in the BIOS is greyed out and can’t be changed.  Also there seem to be a lot of (older) reports of this setting potentially bricking devices in the past.


Has anyone been able to change this setting and/or apply this update?


ThinkPad X1 Yoga 4th / Carbon 7th Thunderbolt Controller has firmware updates: GUID: c7920601-0cda-507f-851e-92229eb1d370 ID: com.lenovo.ThinkPadN2HTF.firmware Update Version: 43.00 Update Name: ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th / X1 Yoga 4th Thunderbolt Controller Update Summary: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th / X1 Yoga 4th Thunderbolt Firmware Update Remote ID: lvfs Update Checksum: SHA1(37fd25ed145b8c348d9b190417e299e26d3e3f49) Update Location: https://fwupd.org/downloads/c656c45c56fe417ac38dab5a57f451c8340292e7-Lenovo-ThinkPad-X1Carbon5th-Thunderbolt-Firmware-N1MTF28W-Secured.cab Update Description: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th / X1 Yoga 4th Thunderbolt Firmware • Before update, set the Thunderbolt BIOS Assist Mode to "Disable" in BIOS setup under Config > Thunderbolt 3. • DO NOT FORCE UPDATE Thunderbolt Controller. This may damage the firmware.

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