Won't run on charger/power adapter Flex 4-1470

14 month old Flex 4-1470 Laptop will not operate if the charger/power adapter is plugged in.  Immediately powers off.  Runs fine on battery.

Battery almost dead.  Tried to do BIOS update – but that requires AC power!  Have replaced the AC adapter – no change.

Laptop Freezes

I have a fairly new Ideapad 320-15ABR 80XS. It’s driving me crazy. It will work for a bit, them my mouse and trackpad freeze and none of the function buttons work. The only way to fix it is rebooting. This happens when I’m not doing much of anything, or in the middle of a big project. Right now I’m rtying to move files from the drive to an USB and it’s frozen again. Help!

Yoga Book – Wonky Pen Pressure After Factory Reset

In my previous post, I was worried that a factory reset was going to be the only solution. Well, the OTG didn’t work and I went ahead with the reset anyway.


But now any apps that previously did have pen pressure now doesn’t have any at all. Manga Studio detects that the pen is capable of it. But the pen can only do single pixel sized lines if I press very very lightly or fully sized lines as defined by the brush settings when applying normal amounts of pressure. There is no inbetween. And my pen strokes are very light to begin with, so it’s as if there is none at all.


I’ve tried reinstalling the drivers and got a WOW64 error.


Tried the Wacom Feel driver but that disabled the drawing function entirely so I got rid of it.


Lenovo Paper keeps trying to reinstall on boot. Tried to instsll it manually but it fails with ResultCode=0. Not sure if that’s what’s causing the problem though but figured it was worth a shot.


I also got rid of ArtRage right away because I don’t like it especially with it only being a trial version. Don’t know if that’s what broke the pen pressure either.

On Lenovo H420, have to restart to get network connection every time

This began approximately 1 month ago.  No known changes to computer, other than Windows updates.

Yoga 910 – Type C to VGA cable not working?

I have a type c male to vga male cable plugged into my Yoga 910 laptop and a 32in Dell monitor (I used the VGA input because I am already using the monitors other input, an HDMI input, for the xbox), and it isn’t working. The monitor still says no signal. Any advice?


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