Want help finding the ultimate "I can connect to this" on-the-go USB dock for my Yoga 720

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Hi all. I bought a Yoga 720 laptop, and as some of y’all know, it has very, very limited connectivities (2x USB 3.0’s and a TB3). I expect to use this for all manner of presentations and such, and I am looking for a hub that literally…does it all. So what does this entail?

Ethernet inputNew and old video output (vga? DVI? hdmi? preferrably all 3)SD card reader (a micro SD is unnecessary, since MSD->SD adapters are so plentiful and easy to come by)Any other connectivities are basically…unnecessary.A fold up cable, or a detachable cable, but **anything** except for a permanently attached, always awkward, likely to be stressed at an angle when in a bag for long periods of time, short cable!

My current candidates

Penban 8-in-1Dell Universal Adapter DA100Elekele Mini USB C hub/dockKensington SD1500Startech USB 3.0 dockSunix CCV50PB (Seems a bit lacking for a usb-c) or its non-usb-c-input-power alternativeAUKEY 8-in-1Rongyuxuan USB 3.0 to video outputs (Can I use a USB-C to pass-through video to a USB 3.0 dongle?)

Recovery Media Failure

I clicked on "Lenovo – Factory Recovery Disks", and I received a failure notification set forth in the attached JPG file.  The <recovburncd> text file will be sent in a following message.  Any ideas?

Ideapad Flex 4 display not working, but external display works

When I put my laptop to sleep, the display would not turn on.  However, the HDMI output still works with an external monitor.  I reset Windows and the display worked fine again.  Then, after putting the computer to sleep, it went black again.  I don’t want to reset Windows as there appears to be some type of bug in the BIOS/Windows drivers/Intel drivers.  Has anyone experienced this type of issue and been able to resolve it?

M1215 on X3500 with SBS2011

Hello everyone,


We recently purchased a X3500 M5 Server witht the standard M1215 Raid controller.

I’ve set the RAID up with the 2 SAS drives as RAID 1 (mirro)


When i click the Virtual Drive Managment i see the raid volume and 2 physical disks. So it seems it is setup correctly.


The server OS we are using is SBS2011 standard (which is based on 2008 R2), my question is, when i boot into the

sbs2011 setup on the install media, the setup process doesn’t detect the drive volume? Do i need to download a driver

for the volume to appear? If so which one?


Thanks in advance!

Thinkpad yoga x1 3rd gen pen compatibility


Is the Wacom pro pen 2 compatible with New Thinkpad yoga x1 3rd gen (2018) .?

Are parralax and jitter better?

What about pen angle and pen rotation management?

(Obviously compared with the new 2018 Lenovo/Thinkpad pens? A video would make sense ☺ )

Are all the other AES wacom pens compatible?

Thanks in advance.


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