Upgrade Thinkpad T470p from i5 to i7

Is it possible to upgrade my Core (TM) i5-7300HQ CPU 2.5 Ghz to i7 and, if so, which specific processor would I need? Many thanks!

Lenovo legion y730, Wifi disconnection

I bought a new lenovo legion y730, when i installed the new wifi driver, it has frequent sudden disconnections. When i installed the previous driver, it helped a little but still there are sudden drops and disconnection of the wifi. Can anyone one help?

C530 Case change

Hello. I currently upgraded my PSU to a semi-modular Corsair 550W so I can easily support an EVGA RTX 2070 that I also installed on the desktop unit. Because of future possible ugprades and improving the cooling system, I was thinking to change my case completely to a more fitted one for a gaming rig that has a better airflow.

Currently on a game like NFS Heat the CPU and GPU both go in the range of 78-82 degrees. I never experienced any issues so far, but I don’t think it will be too healthy on the long run.

If I wish to do such a case upgrade, I’d like to know if the components can be installed in another case (preferrably a tower one) and what sort of cases should I take in consideration. Thanks in advance!

E570 waking itself from hibernation

Sometimes right after I hibernate, sometimes at some point in the middle of the night while I’m asleep. Either way very annoying especially when it’s in my bag which seems to without fail cause the screen to stay black (VGA overheat protection?) until I do a hard restart. Is it a windows 10 issue or a thinkpad issue? I’ve googled it and there are various "solutions" all over the place, with some people replying that it didn’t work and others that it did. It’s also an intermitten issue, so I am unable to deliberately reproduce it to try fixes in a methodical manner. Any help would be appreciated.


Things it is not:

Attached peripherals (will do it with nothing plugged in)

Accidental keypress (will do it sitting on my desk overnight with the lid open)

LAN (was set to only wake on ‘magic packet’, this is impossible since it has never been plugged in to a network cable)

Task scheduler (none of them have the the "wake the computer to run this task" option checked)





Yoga 510 – 14IKB Upgrade to faster RAM possible?

Hello All



I own Yoga 510 – 14IKB with 8 GB RAM , DDR4


I have to upgrade to 16GB .


According to spec speed is 2133 GHZ.


Is it possible to upgrade to 16GB /DDR4 with higher speed ( for example 2666)


Thank you



MOD: Title edited to add question details

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