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Hi everyone!

Yoga 530 -14AAR start issue



before i start i want to say that my english isnt the best so please be gentle 😀

I bought a new Yoga 530-14AAR and i recently updated windows and all the lenovo support stuff i needed to run the system. After all my "lenovo active pen 2" still not run smooth so i decided to searched manually for some updates on lenovo page and i found something.



I noticed that the version i installed wasn´t the right one for the 14-AAR. After i did this the pen worked without problems but now everytime in restart the laptop or the system is awakened from standby i cant interact with the lockscreen (touchpad, mouse, everything else works after turn the laptop down and on again per restart button).

How can i fix it? Do i need to reset the laptop? Is there another patch for the Levono Active Pen 2? How can i deinstall the last patch?

Thank you for helping me 😀


NE1032 vrrp 80% packet loss




we have configured two NE1032 (CNOS 10.10.2)  as core switch  Vlag connected together , each swtch has 4 different vlan 

1.  PC

2. Printers

3. Voip

4. Other


Routing between vlan is managed by **bleep**ch VRRP.

IF from a server connected to that shwitch i try to ping my firewall (Cluster Watchguard M370) i have 80% packet loss,

IF  i ping managment ip i have 0%  packet loss ok

IF from switch consolle i ping firewall i have 0% packet loss ok


IF i disable WRRP into switch all work fine!


does anyone information to solve this issue

Best Regards

Marco D’Agata


adding IMM Host to xClarity not possible

Hello Community

We have several hosts that we can not add to xClarity. If I add the device manually, the following error message appears in xClarity:
There is a connectivity issue between the management server and the specified Hostname or IP address.
Verify that the Hostname or IP address is correct and that is a network route. Ensure that SLP is enabled on device. You could also ping the hostname or IP address to validate connectivity. Then, discover the device again. "

If I add the IMM controller between systems that are successful and those that do not, I see under Port Assignments that the TCP port 623 is not listed. In addition, there are two probably missing random ports z.b 47451 58022 these are but at each IMM anderst.

We have already reset the IMM, tried the latest IMM firmware 7.20 installed. All this without success. Have you already noticed this wronged yourself?
How would that be done?

Lenovo Legion Y7000 System Update camera driver

Hello! Always when I run Lenovo System Update it detect that my camera driver need to be updated but I have the latest driver ( Even after reinstall the driver and System Update the issue exist. Any idea how can I resolve this issue?

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