Unable to connect the cellular connection (diagnosis indicates´broadband device is locked with PIN2)

My windows 10 Lenovo Yoga Book is right now unable to connect the Cellular Connection after two years of correct working.on 

I have confirmed the SIM is working properly in other devices, I have used a new SIM and the troubke and the diagnostic is the same).


The diagnostic is "Enter a SIM PIN2 to unlock the mobie broadband device The mobile broadband device is ocked with SIM OIN2. Contact yur mobile perator for assistance with unlocking the device."


Windows 10 is updated, I tried to configure WCM to not minimize connections in the aproppriated local policy without success fr the trouble and I have updated the mobile broad  manager driver to version without success for the policy.


Has anyone experimented and solved a similar trouble?





L512 internal display not working



I have a L512 where the integrated webcam had a fault that was causng a BSOD. Neiter updating the driver or disabling the camera helped so I decided to disconnect the camera. As I was doing that the internal display fell forwards and the cable was pulled out the back of the screen. I reconnected it but the internal display would then not work. So far I have tried the following:


– replaced the screen cable (as I thought the connector must have been damaged when it was pulled out)

– replaced the screen (same reason as above)

– reset the BIOS to defaults including making sure that Thinkpad LCD is set as the boot display

– updated the BIOS

– updated the video driver

– confirmed that the lid close switch is working (the laptop goes into sleep mode when the lid is closed)

– Fn + F7 seems to work in terms of switching the video output but nothing displays on internal screen

– internal screen is off completely, not just very dim


Any ideas about what the problem might be and what else I can try?


Thanks in advance





Ideapad u165 – help me how to fix this problem?




Solution for weird issues such as flickering blue circle next to mouse and jumping task bar


In past weeks, perhaps after an update, there’s a blue circle which is nearly constantly blinking except when the cursor is placed over a link. This incredibly distracting activity I think is meant to show the processor is working. I can’t find where or how to stop it. Running Windows 10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6 gen. Installed Malwarebytes and ran a scan to find no issues. Doing my head in. Currently installing a few Lenovo and a Windows update which hopefully will remove it. Not optimistic. Any solutions? 


Lenovo L27q-10 cannot display WQHD in Samsung DEX due to EDID incorrect

I use Lenovo L27q-10 to connect to Samsung Dex but it not support WQHD


As Samsung support told us it is incorrect EDID is the issue. see here for more detail 

Samsung DeX Station WQHD 1440p not working on Oreo


How we can solve this?

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