Model  20QD0000US 

Intel Core i7 


14" Touchscreen FHD Display 

512 GB SSD, 16GB RAM 


Purchased the X1 7th generation @ Costco 3 days ago. I know they made the battery smaller compared to the 6th gen; however @ 98% charge it reads 4 hours 55 minutes. 



Have been keeping track of the battery discharge, consistently the battery has abysmal readings for an ultrabook. 


90% 7hours 01min 

80% 3 hr. 44min 

70% 2 hr. 12 min 


Can someone please confirm if they’re having similar difficulties with their X1 7th gen? 

I love everything about this computer but if the battery can’t hold a charge for at least 8 hours – I’ll have to return it. 


Any suggestions? or Alternative ultrabooks? 


I’m a medical school student- only use the device for reading/editing documents, religiously use one note and spotify – but that doesn’t explain the incredible lackluster battery performance. 




Recover Microsoft Office Software

My hardrive on my T560 died and I paid for preinstalled Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 software from when I ordered my laptop from Lenovo.  Am I able to recover the software from Lenovo and put it on a new laptop?  Its been almost 3 years since I bought it and don’t remember if I still have the product key for the software or not anymore.  Is this recoverable from Lenovo?




T440p TouchPad: Enabling four finger swipe gesture for Windows 10 Virtual Desktops



I felt an urgent need to post about my journey to enable four finger swipe gesture on my T440p ThinkPad. I’ve recently purchased an used T440p ThinkPad, and I was staggered to find out that I did not have the option to configure or use four finger touch gestures on the touchpad. However, after a couple of hours of reading through these forums, superuser and stackoverflow I found out that I was able to achieve this by simply installing Synaptic TouchPad driver, distributed for T450 ThinkPads.


According to the ThinkPad T440p Drivers & Software page, the latest available Synaptics UltraNav driver for the the touchpad (under the "Mouse, Pen and Keyboard section) is version, dated to 14 Dec 2018. Initially, I was rocking this driver, but as mentioned before, was staggered that I was missing one of my favorite touchpad gestures.


I thought, that maybe if I could just find more up to date driver for a ThinkPad model that is similar to T440p. I was lucky to find that the ThinkPad T450 Drivers & Software page had a newer version of the driver. This more up to date driver is dated to 28 Dec 2018 and its version is I downloaded the driver, installed it without any preparation work (I did not uninstall the earlier driver before hand) and it worked after a prompted reboot!


LinksSynaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Driver for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) – ThinkPad ( UltraNav Driver for Windows 10 (64-bit) – ThinkPad L450, T450, T450s (


One last note, I was a little let down to find out that I could not reverse the direction of the four finger swipe gesture. However, I was able to find out an solution that involved editing the registry, which solved the "issue".


This is the first time I am posting to these forums, hopefully some of you may find this useful!



Lenovo Tab 10

I have a Lenovo Tab10 I haven’t installed a microSD if I were to do this I have a question

1- Setup SD for storing pictures


2- Setup SD for some other use, Lenovo isn’t very clear about this!


The second SD use doesin  this add more needed Ram to the device.


This Lenovo device sucks online takes some to get s secure connection, crashes 90% of the time, the screen shrinks down and sometimes the screen is all black.  Im always getting an error message: UI SYSTEM HAS STOPED, other errors.


I’m not much Impressed with Lenovo.

I used to have a Lenovo Pentium II Thinkpad 600 Laptop all of the 600 series had a cheap defect in the IDE interface on the motherboard the contacts aren’t solid and will slide when the hard drive is plugged in and over time the hard drive cannot connect with the MB IDE connector. Built IN CHEAP DEFECT.


So I’m thinking the same dpabout any other Lenovo Pad, Laptop,Desktop etc their cheap crap!!!!!!

X1 Yoga Gen 4 (2019) HDR 4k Screen Red Bias

I just acquired a new X1 Yoga (i7, 16GB, HDR 4k Display, 1TB) and wanted to share my experience. The screen is great but far from balanced. Coming from Dell XPS 15 4k display, and viewing side by side, it’s clear the Yoga is far from white. Not enough to be unusable, but very much red tinted when you’re used to a good wihte. The picture attached does not do it justice but they are set to very similar brightness levels and the best color calibration I can get from both.


Lenovo vantage is installed and I have tried to play with calibration settings and profiles but have yet to find one that can correct what seems to be a consequence of the display pixel profile. 


Has anyone else dealt with this yet? I’m borderline returning as defective for another system since I use this for photography. I also can notice the tint when most might not. I’d love to keep the system, it’s a great form factor. I feel like it’s working as designed but not able to reproduce the right color temperature for white. 


Thanks for any suggestions.

*Edited to add another image of Word in full screen. It’s difficult to show via a phone camera, but the rose colored hue is very clear.



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