Thinkpad E570 not working after BIOS update through Lenovo Vantage


I chose the recommended BIOS updates on lenovo support page. After starting the bios updates the computer automatically shut down and stayed shut down for 5 min (AC charger was plugged in all the time). I tried to turn it back on but it didn’t turn on /boot. Only the LED in power button and caps lock button are green. I tried below things, nothing worked yet-

1. Removed the battery and tried turning it on only on charger

2. Held the power button for 30 seconds with AC charger and battery removed and then tried turning it on

3. Opened the back and unplugged the CMOS cell battery plug for 15 mins, plugged back in no luck

4. Downloaded "BIOS Update (Bootable CD) for Windows 10 (64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) – ThinkPad E470, E570" from lenovo burned onto a dvd using another laptop and tried to boot the laptop with issues, no luck.


Please help as I desparetely need this fixed. Thanks

Did Lenovo get Hacked or Just Down?

Was in the middle of going through a ticket I submitted on the Managed Technical Support Access site when all of a sudden I got logged out and a different main page appeared than usual. When going to the main MTS website, there’ll be a split second redirect with a /KodiakWeb at the end of the address that wasn’t there earlier. I only noticed it because when I tried logging in again it I’m not registered in the URL. That was when I started noticing the change in homescreen, the quick redirect, and even lack of a New User option. 


Also, immediately following, the Lenovo main website became inaccessible with a landing page showing the phone numbers for immediate assistance.



X1E/P1 + Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock — can I run switchable or integrated graphic mode?

I’m new to the non-mechanical dock scene so am a bit perplexed by how the Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock (the new one with two power supplies — 40AN0230US) is behaving. I’ve dug through vaious dock settings plus the usual Windows settings to no avail, so hopefully someone can help.


When my X1E is connected, the GPU is always on for the external monitor (Displayport). How can I revert to "normal" hybrid graphics operations when the dock is connected? By "normal" I mean default is to not use the GPU unless one of the prescribed applications is running, as defined in the Nvidia Control Center (and as happens when using the laptop display). Needless to say, the Nvidia "control" center appears to be next to useless and no changes i make there seem to have any effect on the dock’s behavior, while Windows just tells me the monitor is connected to the GPU with no apparent way of changing that (it seems Nvidia has sole control of the monitor and Windows has just yielded all control with options grayed out ).

MIIX 520 folio keyboard compatible with MIIX 510

Just got a very good deal on a MIIX 510, but it came without the folio keyboard. The keyboards sold for the 520 model seem to be much more ubiquitous (and cheaper) than for the 510. Is the 520 folio keyboard compatible with the MIIX 510?

Ahoj a vítej! Welcome to our new Czech and Slovak community!



Please share with us a little bit about yourself, and what you do with Lenovo


My name is Juraj and it’s my fourth year on my journey with the team at Lenovo. I started as the German community lead and I am currently preparing for the launch of a new community. I am very happy to witness such an important event in the existence of our Lenovo community, and I am enjoying the preparation of the launch to the fullest as its allowing me to use further languages for my work – Slovak and Czech.


What has your experience been like managing the German community? What have been the highlights so far?


The German advocate team has been very active and cooperative. Throughout the years we have seamlessly developed a working routine which is providing our German-speaking users with great support. Beginnings haven’t been easy, especially when it came to who to speak to internally when issues had to be addressed. The community has showed us its needs and by now, we can confidently say that we are able to handle all the inquiries to support the German market.


Why have another community right now? What do you know about the Czech/ Slovak community?


We have seen an increasing trend in visits from the Czech and Slovak Republic, that’s why we decided it’s a good time to give these users a new place within our community which they can call home now. Even though we didn’t have a Czech/Slovak Lenovo Forums community, there have always been fans of Lenovo products in these countries. Many of them are being very active on the Lenovo Blog CZ – – and are looking forward towards launching a new Forums community. Even though Lenovo Blog CZ is a private project run by non Lenovo staff, the guys there have been already cooperating with the Czech and Slovak marketing departments very closely in the past years – which is also one of the reasons why Lenovo Blog CZ is being featured under the Blog section on our Czech Lenovo page.


When will the launch be, and what can we expect from the new community?


The Czech and Slovak community are switched on on the 30th of October, which is the 100th anniversary of the first Czechoslovak Republic. We hope to welcome a lot of new users from these countries and provide them with the best support to match the standards of our mature communities. Besides preparing the launch form a technical perspective, we are already cooperating closely with multiple departments from these countries which is going to leave us very well-prepared for the first users who will seek help.


What kind of help would you need?


We would be very happy if you could help us spread the word about the opening of the new community. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone who is seeking help in Czech or Slovak language or is looking for other ways to become an active community member.


Know Czech or Slovak and want to share your tech knowledge? Head on over to our new community here.

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