The latest notebook manufactured under the IBM brand ?

Which was the latest notebook manufactured under the IBM brand? Was it R61e ??? I searched a bit, but I did not find exact information.

Bomc is not working

Product list is not updating in bomc 11.2.1 version also.

Problem with my DVD drive from my Lenovo B590

Hello, first of all, forgive my English is not very good.
I have a problem with my DVD drive of my Lenovo B590, it happens that I had a problem and I did a maintenance to correct the error, but there are some parts to ensure and close that I do not know how to locate.
I add photos of the parts that I can not locate, if someone showed me the correct way of installing these parts, I would be very grateful.

I just need a photo of an optical drive of the same model that is correct to have a reference that guides me.


13MP (16:9) for k8 plus

Please enable 16:9 resolution at 13MP for Lenovo k8 plus rear camera. Please enhance camera quality & provide total white flash

[URGENT] Can i request to replace a HDD under warranty?

Hi, my laptop Y520 seem to have issue with the HDD which cause to have Blue Screen Of Death easily while in use and sometime cannot even boot as BSOD happen while starting up. Previously, the disk usage also been high at 100% almost all the time in using even just browing with Chrome and laptop seem to be hang with this problem.


Therefore i decide to make a clean window installation with Bootable USB , now seem to be ok that without issue when running, cause not many software and stuff are installed on it yet.


However, I try to check the HDD with Crystal Disk Info as well as HDD Tune Pro (Trial Version) and get Warning about Reallocated Sector Count which I have google about it means a physical failure in HDD and will sonner or later make the HDD cannot function anymore. So, I wonder if I can request to replace the faulty HDD as I still under Warranty?


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