Tab 4 8 Plus, wifi keeps breaking down after the latest upgrade

After enjoying a while after the update fixed the SD card problem, the latest update recently makes the wifi connection keeps breaking down. **bleep**, how is wrong with you Lenovo?

I am using a LG phone at the same time with the same wifi connection without any problem, my tab 4 8 Plus didn’t have this problem and I remember I made an update recently…**bleep** **bleep** **bleep**!

Recommendation for BIOS updating with attached dock?

Hello community,

Is there a official recommendation for updating the BIOS with a ThinkPad being in a Pro-/Ultra dock? I recall that there was a point that the dock’s firmware had to be upgraded to thelatest version prior to upgrading the docked laptop?

Any links, recommendations or official statements would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

4k from lenovo thinkpad to wacom tablet

hi,  i am new to this forum,     i am desoerately trying to find out if my wonderful old lenovo thinkpad t430s can supply 4k to my new wacom cintiq pro 16 tablet,   i have already tried to to connect it with mini display port cable and am receiving 2k but was hoping for 4k,   i seem to think i saw that on a list of old lenovo thinkpads that mine was 4k capable,    please could anyone let me know its at all possible,  thanks,  mick.

Lenovo XClarity Administrator 1.4.0 Cumulative Patch is available!

Lenovo XClarity Administrator 1.4.0 cumulative patch containing the latest set of fixes for LXCA 1.4.0 is now available!


It is recommended that all users of LXCA 1.4.0 download and install this critical patch in order to obtain the latest fixes and updates.


Inca Roads

BIOS version and long boot up time – Lenovo Thinkpad P71

We have two new Lenovo thinkpad P71, both identical. One of them started to have boot up issue (takes about 2.5 minutes for the first boot up of the day, then any restart during that day will be fine)


So, I have been trying to resolve this issue this past couple of days without success. However, I found out that the BIOS version were different on both machine. Both machine requested to update the BIOS after the initial setup. One of them I updated but the other I didn’t.


The Laptop with the updated BIOS has the version 1.17 (which is odd since the latest version on Lenovo website is 1.16) 


The laptop that was not updated has the version 1.15 and it does not have the long boot up time issue.


So I was wondering if it was normal to have version 1.17? Also, is it possible and should I go back to version 1.15?


Any help / tips would be appreciated.



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