Tab 4 10 Plus LED lights

I have read the previous forum post and the solutions in it do not exist on my tablet.  I have a brand new Tab 4 10 Plus, updated right out of the box.  Then I factory reset to be safe.  There are no options ANYWHERE to turn off the LED lights.  I even tried Do Not Disturb but the lights still came on.  I was going to submit a request to the support but I cant find my model anywhere on the support page.  I dont want to put tape over the light, does anyone have a solution??

Lenovo K6 Note Touch Screen And Back, Home Buttons Not Working

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Lenovo H430. Has anyone been able to update the BIOS to support the SSD with M.2?

Hello! I want to put such a SSD, but as far as I understand, the BIOS does not yet support them. I found instructions how to independently insert into BIOS the necessary blocks of code, but first you need to consider the current BIOS from the motherboard. What version of AMI AFUWIN Flysher need to use to correctly read and then correctly flush the BIOS on our motherboard?

Lenovo P2 4G Issue on Band 28/20

Hi Fam

I just bought a p2 hoping to use it on one of our network providers who is running on Band 28.

When i put in the SIM i get no network but the same works on my Lenovo T460s Laptop. what could be the issue?

on the other provider on Band 20 I also get nothing am I doing something wrong.


Unable to access T420 Laptop

I have a Lenovo T420 which has been secured with fingerprint and password. The user has left and now no one can access the laptop. How do I remove the previous users security access so that I can go ahead re-image and deploy to another staff member?

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