T460p shuts off when picked up

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X1 Extreme Mouse (Trackpoint & Touchpad) Freezing on DAY 1

Hello everyone, first post on here!


Got a X1 Extreme, Maxed out the options, soon as I got it I ran windows update and the lenovo updates.


The problem I am having is the mouse will freeze randomly, at first it was doing it after 10-15 minutes, now it takes a while for it to



I only use Trackpoint, but at first it disabled the trackpoint and touchpad, but a physical Bluetooth mouse would still work and touch screen and keyboard would work.


Now it seems last time The Bluetooth mouse also didn’t work, but keyboard and Touch Screen did.


Very ODD Behavior, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Drivers, I also turned off REALTEK Audio which I heard is a issue and reinstalled it.


I also Installed all the touchpad, ultranav etc apps from support.lenovo website just to mess with the settings. Once I noticed when the trackpoint stopped working, it was actually disabled on the system somehow.


Anyways I would love to fix this issue on my own because I bet Tech Support wont know about this issue and throw me in circles.


I feel as though this wouldnt be happening on a Stock Brand new Laptop, so it must be one of the Windows Updates messing with it.


Far as Specs it is a i7-8850h, 64mb Ram, 1 TB ssd, 4k Screen, Lets see if someone can help me =)

Install additional HDD to LenovoEMC px4-300d



Our LenovoEMC px4-300d has existing 2 x HDD in RAID 1 configuration. The existing HDD is 2TB 3.5" with P/N: H3U20006472S (Hitachi brand) and has rotational speed of 7200RPM and 64mb buffer rate. 


I would like to add 2 more drives (total of 4) and make it in RAID 5 configuration. That way, to maximize the capacity. 


I can’t find the same model (Hitachi) of HDD. Therefore, I would like to know if I can use different brand of HDD and mix it as long it has the same Rotational Speed (RPM) and Buffer Rate. 


Please advise if there won’t be an issue if I will use the HDD model below:


Seagate Barracuda 2TB ST2000DM006 7200rpm 64mb Sata


Thank you. 

Boot failure TWIST S230

TWIST S230 will not boot. Powers up but immediately stops at Lenovo screen where "To interrupt normal startup, press Enter" message appears at bottom. Fan briefly turns on, then stops. If press Enter, BIOS settings opens. Running built-in diagnostics shows that all tests result in PASSED conclusion.



– reset "hole" on back of computer.

– a different hard drive that was once in this computer.

– various "schemes" of holding power button and reset "hole" (multiple presses, longer hold times, etc.).

– booting from USB stick, but F12 does not bring up boot menu (in fact, it does nothing).


Any ideas?



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