System Update :



When I run System Update (5.07.0078) on my E540, I get the error message "Exception Not Expected was encountered!".


installing external gpu lenovo c540

hi im looking to use an external gpu for my c540,  there is a open slot for the mini pcie on the board but that cable goes to hdmi and as far as im aware there isnt a hdmi input on this computer, is there a workaround for this that someone can help me with?

Lenovo 110S is a piece of junk

My Lenovo 110s was nice when I first received it. Since then, I have exhausted the very limited memory and can’t download Windows10 updates to a point where my laptop is inoperable. PLEASE HELP!


Lenovo Yoga 530-14IKB lags while charging.

Hi all, sorry for my bad english.


I have a problem with Yoga 530-14IKB with dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX130. When I play games with the AC adapter pugged-in, the frame rate slow down after 30 seconds. When running on battery power there is no frame rate problem.


I have tried every possible solution in the power management settings, changed every percentage up and down, factory reset my PC and still lag.

Audio and video chat not working

My video and audio calls are not working today. When I tell it to make a video or audio call, I get this response: "To get help with that you’ll need to give me some more information. You can do that in the Google home app." But in the app, everything is set up correctly. I can still make audio calls from a regular Google Home just fine. I even tried restarting the display  and reconnecting my Google Duo account. 

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