Sleep mode and BitLocker problems:

Let me begin with how I use my X1 Yoga 2G. I always leave it powered on. The power settings are set to Sleep mode when I close the lid and Hibernate after a few hours.


The other day, I opened the lid and was using the system with no problems. When I was done, I closed the lid. A couple hours later I opened the lid and the system made a bunch of speaker sounds and the screen was blank. All I could do was force a power off.


When I turned the system back on, I get a Bitlocker screen asking for a key. I did NOT turn Bitlocker on nor do I have a key for it. looking around Microsoft on another system for the key I found it. After entering the key on the Yoga, Windows booted up OK using my Windows PW. The PIN and thumb print reader was not usable. I stopped Bitlocker from the bitlocker application in the Control Panel.

Now I’m left with the Sleep mode problem. Whether I set Sleep mode when I close the lid or enter sleep mode from the Power menu, I get the same results. When I try to come out of Sleep mode all I get is speaker sounds and a blank screen. I have to force a Power off to get started.


All the latest Windows and Lenovo Updates are on the system. I ran a full Lenovo hardware scan and didn’t find any problems. Before I open a problem with Lenovo, can anyone on the forum help me with this Sleep mode problem?


Thanks, ezcat


Y500 – Intel HD Graphics 4000 (iGPU) again

So, it was discussed before and stated that it is disabled. At the same time it’s possible to see it in device manager with modded BIOS. I have succes only in Safe Mode (you may see it on my screenshot). I was able to even install drivers and installer also founded device (usually it’s just cancel installation because compatible device wasn’t founded). I have black screen when trying to boot in Windows. I think it’s just need proper configuration in BIOS, but which parameters need to be set?


Also there at least one Y500 which was able to boot in windows with proofs from GPU-Z (it’s can’t run in Safe Mode!), but with Error 43 on NVIDIA GT 650M.


My Configuration: 

Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Y500
Display: 15.6" LGPhilips (LP156WF1-TLC1)
CPU: Intel i7-3630QM (4 cores, 8 threads, 6 Mb cache, 2.4@3.4GHz)
RAM: 2x 4096 Mb SO-DIMM Ramaxel (RMT3160ED58E9W1600, DDR3-1600)
iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 (?)
dGPU: 2048 Mb NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (on Motherboard)
eGPU:  11 264 Mb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (via Ultrabay slot with Ultrabay-to-PCI-E adapter)

ePSU: 430W Seasonic S12II-430 (SS-430GB, for eGPU)
SSD: 120 Gb Samsung SSD 850 EVO (mSATA)
HDD: 1 TB, Seagate/Samsung Momentus/Spinpoint (ST1000LM024, 5400 RPM)
Windows: 10 Pro, v1803, build 17134.286


Additional Information:

BIOS: svl7 (general unlock) + High_Voltage (removed lock on using only NVIDIA GT 650M in Ultrabay slot)


How to speed up boot Lenovo IdeaCentre 720-18ASU M.2 SSD



My Lenovo T430 is booting way faster with slower SSD than my IdeaCentre.


System is UEFI. Disc is Samsung M.2 SSD. It last for very long on Lenovo logo after powering it up.


Any idea why?


Sorry 4 my english.


Best regards,


Y520 – Using arrow keys-> keyboard doesn't respond-> Laptop turns off itself



I have this laptop for 7 months with only a minor keyboard problem until yesterday when it suddenly turned off (it wasn’t even a regular win10 power off).


At that moment it didn’t seem important, but it has occurred in other 4 occasions today to the point that I’ve find out that the arrow keys are which are triggering this problem.



Is there anyone whith the same problem? Any kind of solution? Or I will have to send it to repair?


Thank you

Lenovo Ideapad 720S-14IBK prodlem with f4 f6 f8 keys

I have a problem with f4, f6, f8 keys. They are workable but when I tap it there nothing on my screen shows. I cant see did i turn on or turn off camera/micro/touchPad please help me to resolve my problem.

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