No audio ThinkPad Yoga 11e 3rd Gen

My ThinkPad Yoga 11e 3rd Gen stopped playing sound from the built in speakers and through the headphones jack. I can still play audio through my bluetooth headphones.

The audio icon is visible and not muted and the speakers are the default playback device.

I unstalled the audio driver and re-installed it from a freshly downloaded audio driver, but that didn’t work either. Restarting the machine didn’t help too.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ideapad 720s 15 lower specs in UK

I really don’t understand why Lenovo is releasing the same ideapad 720s 15 but with only 2GB on the 1050TI in the UK. Why not give people the choice to make their own decisions? It’s released as 4GB in many countries in europe and in the US. I just don’t understand why you won’t offer the same specs for the UK, instead of adding this graphics card bottleneck.


This will only alienate people from Lenovo in the UK. I don’t know whose idea that is, and what the reason behind it is… Just makes zero sense…


Hi there, I have a Levonovo Ideapad 700-15ISK with a 256 Gb M.2 SSD (model 80RU00ARUS), I would like to put an extra hard drive I was thinking on getting a Crucial like this one:

The thing is, my laptop did not come with the bracket to put my SSD, where can I get it? and, would this hard drive work ok? can I run any program from it if I keep my Windows licence on the M.2? Do I just need the bracket or do I need a cable or something?

Sorry for bad english and thank you!

Windows 7 Validation Problem Solved – Call Microsoft

I had a problem – the OEM version of Windows 7 wouldn’t re-install on my laptop for reasons I still don’t understand. I grabbed a clean Microsoft copy of Windows 7and installed it – my computer started working. However, the copy wasn’t validated, of course.


But the solution was straightforward as I learned here in a Reddit comment  –  –


After seeing the Product Key fail to validate online, I called Microsoft as the post suggested and they were happy to help. It took several calls due to poor line quality but the tech was able to dial into my computer and make the changes.


They seemed happy to help me validate my new Windows 7, once they verified the validity of my old Product Key. They also gave my computer a new key.


I’m back, up and running. (After a week of bouncing around from one solution to another.)



Having trouble displaying on an external monitor

I just purchased a ThinkPad X1, the productivity module and OneLink+ for docking.  I have connected the X1 to the docking station.  I have connected a keyboard, a mouse and an hp Pavillion 23cw monitor to the docking station.  The keyboard and mouse are working perfectly.  The X1 recognizes that the hp monitor is connected but I have been unable to have anything display on the hp monitor.  What do I need to do to get the hp monitor to display?   

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