hey i need help 

today I went ot the service centre and found my charging port had some issues on my lenovo k6 power. the service centre people told that they have to change the entire to change charging port is it true? or are they lying?

They told that charging port is connected to the so they have to change the entire  

plz reply

I need help

USB HUB problem. (usb c type-X1 Carbon 6th)

Hi. evebody

Delta pricing is back

DCSC is now (again) showing, for single-select components, the difference in price from the selected component in that group.  In addition, you can see we used a hover to show price of the selected component if there is a quantity change allowed (such as processors).



Let me know if you have any questions/feedback.


Thanks, -James

L380 and usb-c 2nd gen dock issues

Dear Team


We have some New lenovo L380 with USB-C 2nd gen docking stations, and when a user boot the laptop the bitlocker screen cannot project to the external monitor, they need to open the led to fill the password and after that the windows booting project normal to the monitors.


Do you have any idea with this issue?

T61 Mainboard disassembly – what part is this?



while I was disassembling my T61- 15,4 "in order to replace the mainboard the following part fell off :


Can someone identify it and knows where it belongs to?


Thanks a lot

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