Lenovo Y720 Y logo on the back light up?? Yes, Yes it does.

I didnt think Mine lit up . It doesnt look like it does. It’s a red reflective colour with circular lines molded into the platic.

In the daylight you cant tell but turn out all your lights  and check again. BOOM big reveal! It’s tied to the brightness of your current screen setting.

yoga 720 hinge issue (maybe QC)

Hello, so I purchased a Yoga 720 13 model 81C3005SUS last month. Despite some weird mail fusses (which got resolved eventually), I recieved the laptop and was pretty happy with it thus far. Recently however, I happened to notice that when the laptop is closed, the display does not align with the chassis (around 1mm to the left), and after some careful inspection, I notice the issue is due to the left hinge being uneven. I wonder did anybody else also encountered the same problem? Also is there a way to fix it, or it is covered by warranty?




Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

We have purchased over 20 Lenovo E470 laptops. 


These laptops come with TPM 2.0 on them, I simply asked Lenovo to either provide me the software to downgrade the TPM from 2.0 to 1.2 and I was told that was going to cost extra money, so instead they had me send the laptop back so they could downgrade the system. 


This was in the beggining of January, I got the laptop back at the end of January with NOTHING changed. I sent several emails and have been ignored. Today I spent over an hour on hold and was told they cannot help me. 



Help me !! lenovo p1 turbo cant upgrade OS.

i have lenovo p1 turbo on lolipop version. i have notification upgrade to marshmellow from software upgrade. im finished download upgrade file from my phone, but failed. my phone cant enter download mode and other. stuck. ( “invalid image..bla bla bla..” ) .. next, i will flash my phone. but it same. i cant flash my phone. 


help me, why about my phone. and the last, now im still on lollipop version, and i have new problem : lag and fingerprint error. 


if u have solution, contact me ..


sorry if bad english. 



Moderator comment: Personal information removed to protect member’s privacy.

Warning: short SMART automatic test

After a scan of the computer, Lenovo Solution Center has provided the final result code W15UNSSK8-Z243Q4 showing a warning on a short SMART automatic test.
A message warns me that no operation is necessary on my part.


Should I worry or not? I have a Lenovo ideapad Y70015ISK.


Thanks guys.

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