Lenovo y520 coil whine

COIL WHINE annoying sound .it started suddenly yesterday in light browsing and it hasn’t stopped since then . it starts when fans turn on and as fans start to spin faster it gets louder, also it vibrates above the keyboard between F5 and F8 keys.i have cleaned the fans with a vacuum from outside but i haven’t solved the problem.why did it happen? i always keep it on my desk and i don’t travel with it.I CAN HEAR THAT SOUND FROM 10 METERS AWAY .

E550 -faulting application error – ZeroConfigService and PROSet/Wireless Zero Configuration Service

My wireless driver is Intel Dual-band  Wireless AC 3160

At every boot, my event viewer logs the following 2 errors:


event 1000

Faulting application name: ZeroConfigService.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x58eb9957Faulting module name: ZeroConfigService.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x58eb9957
Exception code: 0xc0000409


event 7034:

R) PROSet/Wireless Zero Configuration Service service terminated unexpectedly


My wireless adapter is up to date. I am using an e550 thinkpad. Any way to get rid of the error?

HDMI Lenovo n23 doesn't mirror

I have conected my lenovo n23 with two different cables to my LG TV and other devices (monitor, etc) and there is no mirroring. Settings>display only shows my own screen, and no detection of any other.


Any tip or trick?


Thank you in advance

Lenovo Yoga 720 battery decreasing after bios update


I have Lenovo Yoga 720LKB 15 inch version. After screen flickering problem I updated last bios version (4MCN28WW(V2.00)

and windows updates. Also all of Intel HD graphics settings are in balanced mode (Charging and battery mode included). Downloaded Lenovo Vantage but cant see any options for this. Closed any apps like Steam etc on background. But battery life is still decreasing dramatically like %1 percent in a minute.  How can i fix that? 


Thank you.

My phone can't capture gallery many times

When I want to view the files,images, videos etc in gallery .My vibe K5 is not capable to open it i.e black folders like fully black black partition s are appears …after restarting my phone it capture s it

Try to solve my problem…

Many times phone temperature is in high and battery decrease s quickly..at that heat condition phone app also appears not responding.. ..I have taken screen shot but know my gallery can’t able to get it… problem arrived.. so sad to tell I will left this phone and u as early as possible…

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