Lenovo Legion Y520 – SSD

I have a Lenovo Y520, and it came with a 250GB SSD disk, does that mean there is another SSD slot where I can install another SSD?

L480 – Unable to detect AC adapter but laptop is charging

Hi everyone,


i am having a weird issue here. The battery icon will not change to charging even though the ac adapter have been plugged in. however, the percentage for the battery remaining will increase.


This means that the ac adapter is charging the battery but not sure why it is not detecting as charging.


My model is L480.


Thank you



Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

L440: No On Screen Display for FN keys

My laptop really works fine – there’s just one point annoying me: For a few days now, I don’t have any on screen display anymore for all FN keys: no volume, brightness display – no problem. No Caps display – ehm. No selection for display changing or wifi/bluetooth – I don’t have an idea to do it otherwise. No bluetooth entry in the system panel neither. WLAN works fine, but Bluetooth is off.


I want my black on screen alerts back!


I tried with updating the power management – nothing changed. I tried to reinstall the power management driver – nothing.


What can I do?

X380 – USB C Dock with Keyboard on Bitlocker

Hi guys,


I’ve got multiple Thinkpad X380 Yoga with the USB C docking station. External keyboard and mouse are working pretty well in the Windows environment. But when i reboot the PC and want to enter my Bitlocker Password nothing happens. Only the keyboard of the notebook is working.

The Bios option to enable Thunderbold devices in pre boot environment is set to enabled and I can also use my external keyboard in the bios to navigate.


Both bios and USB C Firmware are up to date, windows driver arer properly installed.


Whats missing or what do I have to do to make the external keyboard working with Bitlocker?



Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

New T480: jumpy trackpad

Using the trackpad on this T480 (i5 8350u, mx150, 16gb) results in jumpy cursor movement, especially at low speeds. It doesn’t really hinder the usability but it’s definitely not smooth. Is the trackpad just *like* this? Or do I have a dud?


What I’ve tried to troubleshoot:


This isn’t a screen issue because my wireless mouse tracks very smoothly.

I’m on the latest intel + nvidia drivers on windows 10 1803 (latest updates).

I’ve also tried using the trackpad on ubuntu live usb and it is also jumpy there — so is it definitely a hardware issue?


Any ideas? Should I return it?

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