Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB SSD addition

I have a 330-15IKB (Type 81DE) Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81FE and I wanted to know how can I add an SSD to it without taking out the HD that came with the laptop?



Flex 3 1480 Upgrade cpu

Is it possible to upgrade the i5 to an i7 w/ the existing motherboard?

It’s a perfectly fine laptop for what we use it for, just needs to be more responsive so looking to upgrade the cpu.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Lenovo System Update bricked my T440p

I just ran Lenovo System update on Thinkpad T440P and it proceeded to install updates and rebooted.

It never woke up again.

Laptop was on power, and left on for about 40 min. after reboot.


It powers up, LED on the power button is green, HDD spins up, CPU fan is working, but the spash screen doesn’t display.

No beeps, no HDD activity…


Can somebody help?

Micro SD slot on X1 Carbon Gen 7?

Not that it’s a big deal but I just realized my new X1C7 doesn’t have the Micro SD slot like my 6th gen does.  I have the preconfigured i7 16gb 256gb model and looking at all the preconfigured ones I see no mention of whether they have it.  I do see where when you build your own there’s the option of WWAN which I guess would require a SIM slot which is where the Micro SD is but even then it doesn’t mention getting Mirco SD.  

Checking availability of M.2 port for NVMe SSD on Ideapad 520?



I have bought idepad 520 – 15IKB model, 8th generation core i5 – 8250U processor with 8gb RAM and 2TB HDD.

I was wondering whether it has an additional M.2 port port NVMe SSD? This is the version of motherboard i got cmd utility in windows10.


Manufacturer Product Version



Regards and thanks.

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