Lenovo ideapad 310 HDD SATA I or SATA II ?

Hello guys i want to upgrade but i dont know what sata hdd i have please help 
(I know I can check whta is my sata from my pc but it wont turn on (other topic))

Lenovo ideapad 100 15IBD 80QQ0105tx max ram support?

hi all I’m using the lenovo ideapad 100 15IBD 80qq0105tx. my computer has 4gb ram. I’m thinking about installing 8 gb ram. How can I learn the maximum ram capacity of the computer.

M10 Alexa timers don't work

The device acknowledges the timer is set by voice and acknowledges the correct length of time but the timer immediately says timer done and starts the completion alarm. (No matter what length of timer set ). I’m on the latest updates and OS available. Anyone else run into this as well? Factory resets and reinstalls don’t seem to correct it which makes me believe this is a bug with Lenovo and the echo show functionality. It was one of the primary reasons I purchased it for cooking timers in the kitchen to be visual which is very frustrating. 

Lenovo T540 loading win 10 and stops at welcome screen then flashes



I have a t540P running win 10.

I turn it on and it goes to the win 10 welcome screen where normally I tap a key then key in my password and windows loads.

Now it only goes to the welcome screen then flashes and the keys do not register.

I then hit F8 go to advance options and try to reboot in safe mode, it then tries to load safe mode but stops at the welcome screen and flashes.

I took the batter out ram out reset it back in and restarted but nothing changed.

I googled I tried youtube and now I am stuck and short of a dresh install.


Can anyone offer a solution please



Levono IdeaPad MIIX 700-121SK

I am hoping someone can help me,  my problem is is that my device is having problems charging. It started playing up yesterday and I tried to google the problem and found a few results which I tried. I did the hold the power button in unplug etc, I also did the power and sound together, no luck, I can’t remove the battery without undoing screws and although now out of warranty I don’t really want to do that.  I tried it again this morning and now it has charged but only to 75%. So I did a health check on it and all came up clear.  What’s next? Please help as don’t want to pay major money until I have tried everything myself. 

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