Lenovo F31 CPU Upgrade from T2390 to P8700

Hello i have a verry rare lenovo F31 now i want to flash the bios with the corect immage to run a P8700 Core 2 Duo on it.


Lenovo F31G

S/N ########

MO: R3NY38821902

Manufacturing Date: 08/08/21

Made in chine. 

Has not bin sold in other continents beside china 

It is a limited Olymipc edition version 

Originaly Windows XP/Vista

Currently Running Win10 on 4GB RAM


Now i Went to chinese support but i cant read annything at all on there website as everything is in chinese. 

English support on Facebook keeps refering me to chinese site though i explaind that is cant read write and understand. 

So i hoped someone on here can help me out solving my problems. 


I want to upgrade the laptop from an original T2380 Core 2 Duo with 1.86Ghz 1MB L2 to an P8700 2.53GHz 3MB L2.

English support says its not posible ( CPU Fixed to mainboard ) But no it isnt its a PGA478 removeable socket. 

So the other CPU fits perfectly. 

But i need an flash image to make the Bios compatible with the new P8700. 

Can annyone help me and shed some light on what is possible and what isnt. 

Dont worry about drivers. I have all drivers on my personal server so no need for those just a bios update.

To make the laptop work with the upgraded CPU.


Image removed



Also i am looking for original parts as spare and the mainboard with the Nvidia 256MB chipset. 



Mod’s Edit: Serial number removed from public view to protect member from its unwanted use.

Image removed for the owner’s protection as it showed the serial number of the system. Please edit out the serial number if you wish to re-post the image. Thanks!

Lenovo Legion Y720 CPU stuck at 0.78 Ghz all the time !

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Yoga 920 partitions NTFS

I just got the yoga 920. 512 Gb

I wanted to partition the C (Boot)  Drive and create a D drive.

I was able to do that but I also wanted to make the C Drive much smaller than the D Drive.

 It would not let me shrink the C Drive below 223 Gb. 

I tried with the built-in Windows 10 process and 3rd party apps. No luck. 

Pretty sure it’s because the C Drive is not NTFS. 

For "file system" it just says "other"…. whatever that means. I can’t do anything with it. 

I have a Yoga 900 with Win 10 and the C Drive is NTFS. 


Question:   How can I convert C (Boot) Drive to NTFS?  Can I convert the Boot Drive to NTFS without

Formatting, wiping, etc.? 



Problems with registration and warranty commencement period



Any advice on how to register my product (Ideapad 720s) online when an error message of "wrong date range" appear?


Furthermore, the warranty commencement period starts from the manufacturing date rather than the actual purchase date. I have sent in request to Lenovo but received no response.


Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Problems with registration and warranty commencement period

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