Lenovo A Plus: Cannot start the phone!!

Once the phone enters the restart process, it would be hanging in the starting screen (the white background with Levono logo ) for one minute, and then the screen would be black out. 

It seems the phone is down at the moment, however, the power button is still working, where I can choose to restart, turnoff phone, etc.

If the "Restart" is chosen, it turns into the problem I described above repetitively. Never start the phone successfully.


The phone has been sent for Mobylife repair center twice in the past couple weeks.

For fhe first time they sent back, the phone can be used for one week. 

However, it did not work ever once after the 2nd repair. It just cannot restart.

The technician insisted they did fix and test the phone though.

Now they can do nothing with my phone, they said.


I don’t know how I can deal with this issue, since it’s still under warranty. 

Would you please advice me how I can my phone fix?

Thanks so much!


Samsung new 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD


DS4200 firmware do not match

Hi All,


i would like to know how to resolved this error on my storage DS4200.

our storage is DS4200 with one expansion.

bellow is the error :



Firmware versions do not match those in the firmware bundle. (controller: A, mismatched components: EC)


Bundle A Version:GT265R008-03


MC A Version:GXM265R015-01


SC A Version:GTS265R12-01


Bundle B Version:GT265R008-03


MC B Version:GXM265R015-01


SC B Version:GTS265R12-01


Additional Information:

  When the Management Controller (MC) is restarted, firmware versions that are currently installed are compared against those in the bundle that was most recently installed. When firmware is updated, it is important that all components are successfully updated or the system may not work correctly. Components checked include the CPLD, Expander Controller (EC), Storage Controller (SC), and MC.


Recommended Action:

  – Reinstall the firmware bundle.


my question is :

1. What is EC (expander controller)?is it something to do with the expansion storage?

2. if i do reinstall firmware which one should i do reinstall controller A in storage or controller A in expansion storage?

3. if i do reinstall firmware it would be solve this error?


need your advice


Thank You

Yoga Pro 2 screen autorotate broken. Win 10, checked everything can think of.

Hi. I can not get autorotate to work any longer on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Everythng seems to function in Windows settings, Registry, the taskbar tile and the button on the side of the PC, but the screen just does not rotate.

I don’t know if it happened since I moved to Win 10 (ver.10.0.17134.471), as I hardly used the function before, but need it now. The details I have found so far are:


Lenovo website hardware diagnostics finds no problems.WinZip Driver Updater says all installed drivers up to date.All Windows updates have been installed.Rotate lock is off in Windows settings. I can rotate the screen manually using Windows landscape/portait settings. Windows settings rotation lock toggles on/off in settings when I click the rotation lock tile on the taskbar.The rotation lock tile on the task bar toggles between off/on when I click it. It is not greyed out.If I press the small button on the side of the PC I get the onscreen notifications ‘Autorotate on’ and ‘Autorotate off’.Registry: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersion:-
AutoRotation changes to 1 when I enable autorotation with the lock tile on the taskbar, and 0 when I disable it, but the screen still does not rotate when I change to tablet or tent.
SensorPresent is set to 1 (but I don’t know where the actual sensor software/driver is).
SlateEnable toggles between 0 and 1 each time I click on the rotation lock tile.Device Manager: The only sensor entry I see is the Intel (R) Sensor Solution ver. which it says is working.When I put the machine in tablet mode, mouse and keyboard both stop working, as is correct, but the screen will not rotate.

Can this be fixed please? Thanks for any help.



[Solved] ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock Stopped Working Suddenly

EDIT: Alright, I have no idea why but it’s working again after about 12h of being down. I just went to the gym for a few hours and when I came back it worked again….


Hi there.


I have bought and started using a Thinkstation P1 about 3 months ago and about 2 months ago I started using the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock on the P1.


It was working great until a few hours ago, when all the USB accessories (headset, and keyboard) as well as the Ethernet cable all suddenly disconnected while I was using my computer. The power is still on though, and I can still use the Dock to charge my laptop and my headset (through the dedicated USB port). However, all non-power supply connections between the P1 and the Dock are gone. I can’t get Ethernet nor sound from the Dock.


I tried unplugging and replugging all connectors as well as restarting the P1 a couple of times but to no avail.

I also tried to update the drivers/firmware for the Docking station (downloaded from https://support.lenovo.com/jp/en/solutions/pd500252) but when I try to do so, I am asked to connect the Docking station to the P1, even though it is plugged in.


I checked the "Manage Approved Thunderbolt Devices" and the Dock was still there, although there was a cross under the attached column. I clicked "removed selected device" from the same App to try to reinstall it but whenever I reconnect the Docking station nothing occurs.


I have checked that both the power supply and thunderbolt port are well plugged (it’s one big plug).


I have no idea what to do next.


PS: I made sure that the BIOS and P1 are up to date through Lenovo Vantage.


Hope we can find a solution.



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