lenovo 300-20ish 90da won't post after failed bios update

Tried to update BIOS with that tool on the link
all the windows stuff worked, but when the machine rebooted, it hanged up on a black screen, left it overnight and still no go


PC powers on but throws no image neither on HDMI no VGA
As for the speakers, not a beep, not a chime, nada, zero

Tried clearing CMOS by unplugging machine, removing CMOS battery, fiddling with the 3-pin CMOS jumper, stripping off RAM, holding power button over 30 seconds, pressing power button over 30 times; nothing seems to wake up this sleeping beauty


For some reason, USB ports now feed enegy even when the machine is shut down


any way to flash BIOS to this seemengly BIOSless machine?

P50: Currently have two HDD drives, need to replace one with a SSD but not which is drive is which.

I need to replace one of my two HDD drives with an SSD. When I remove the service panel on the back I can see both HDD drives plugged in and I’m not sure which one is the primary drive. The secondary drive is not in use when I look at my computer usage. My guess is that the secondary drive is plugged into the second solt where the SSD slots are also located. 


After I remove the old HDD will I need to do any special things to make my computer start using the new drive to improve performance? I run a lot of Adobe programs as well as AutoCAD. I want to improve my start up speed with an SSD. After I install the new SSD what is the best way to accomplish this? Do I need to move programs to the new SSD or just change settings so that everything runs through the SSD and the HDD is just storage space. 



Battery Charge Threshold For Windows 10 LTSB users

For Windows 10 LTSB users, there is no way to use the Windows store. Could you bring back the old normal Power Manager for Battery Charge Threshold?

Extra Hard drive Mod?

I am thinking about getting a cd tray to put a solid state dive in my idea pad 320-15ikb so that I can dual boot my laptop with linix but still have windows 10.  I know how to put them both on the same drive but I want them just to be seperate.  What is the consensius on doing this mod, and will it work?  Or should I just do a portioned hard drive?

Extra Hard drive Mod?

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