IdeaPad Y550P Battery Not Charging – BIOS Update Required?

I have an IdeaPad Y550P (bought in 2010) running on Windows 10 and I recently ordered a new battery for it but it wont charge. The seller first suggested that I uninstall MS ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and rescan for hardware changes in Device Mgr. When that didnt work the seller said the laptop’s BIOS needs to be udpated. I cant log into BIOS as I dont know the password even though I am the only owner of this laptop.


I then went to Lenovo’s support page but it doesnt even have this model listed there anymore to check for udpates. I downloaded Lenovo’s system update tool and it says ‘no packages applicable to your system were found.’ This is a Lenovo computer so surely there must be some updates available. Any other thoughts or suggestions on why the battery is not working? Any advice or tips will be much appreciated. Thanks!

510p Ideapad Touch Screen Not Responding – Windows 10 64 bit

510p Ideapad Touchscreen stopped responding to touch several months ago. Everything else with system is fully functional. I do not use touchscreen that frequently so not sure of exact time touchscreen stopped responding. I did have an issue with a Windows update about 6 months ago so may have been related. I noticed the issue around that same time. I have run the system diagnostics and no issues and shows no drivers to update. Thanks for your help.

TLP battery management- no updates odd AC power

I have recently installed tlp and all th ethink pad packages. when i unlug my power chord I am unable to download updates, it seems the only ones that do not "hit" are third party ones like spotify, leafpad etc. Have cobed through the etc/default/tlp text file and connot find a setting to alter this. Now i have to wonder if this is from a setting in my linux distro. 


lenovo t61

linux mint 18.3 64 bit

kernel 4.13.0-32 generic

cinnamon version 3.6.7


thanks in advance fo rany help!



Yoga 900 right speaker died

I have a Yoga 900 13ISK2.  Recently the right speaker died.  The left speaker works fine.  I have tried updating drivers that may affect this, does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?  The computer is about 1 year old and is in good shape.  

G570 upgraded to Windows 10 wifi not working and onekey recovery not working

Hi, my g570 laptop had windows 7, the OS has been upgraded to Windows 10, the system became slow now and my wifi is not connecting properly, when i try to open onekey recovery application so that i can revert it to windows 7, my one key recovery software is not working, it says a message "Drivers initialization failed, please reinstall application". Please help me with, how to revert to older operating system or have my windows 10 work properly

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