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Hi everyone!


I’m trying to reach Lenovo support since my headset have issues. Post about the issue is here:


It seems like I can’t reach Lenovo support in any relevant way. In the support section I can see my warranty but nothing more. In the forum no answers so far.

I was able to get an e-mail from a member of the support team but is seams like they want to send me to a local support partner of theirs. The problem is there is no local support partner who supports Lenovo Explorer in my country or it seams like. If i send an e-mail for any of the provided contacts their answer it that they do not support Lenovo Explorer. My country is Hungary and I bought the product thorough Microsoft online shop. They said they can’t help with the warranty that’s lenovo’s job so I have to contact them.


How can I send my product back to repair and check? Since Microsoft suggested me to send it back.

problem with auto rotate and keyboard



I am hoping somebody could help me. I’ve had my yoga for about a week now and it’s been great. but today when i came from work i found out mz screen doesnt rotate anymore. Also, when I flip my screen the keyboard doesnt turn off so it is impossble to use it as a tablet.


I do not know what to try next. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Which app lock works on Lenovo k5 vibe plus?

How to reset Lenovo K8 note?

Please give me the guidelines on how to reset Lenovo K8 Note. 

T470 – Miracast function Not working

I am trying to get screen share to work on T470.


When I go into add a wireless display, the laptop can see my LG TV. But refuses to connect.


I am using T470, Windows 10, Intel dual band AC-8260 wifi card. I have updated the driver to the latest and all Lenovo BIOS and software is up to date. I have reinstalled W10 as well but it didn’t fix the issue.


Using the laptop I can connect to other bluetooth devices and my wifi enables printer. 


Any help will be gratefully received. 


Thank you.

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