Has the Yoga Book C930 been discontinued?

There was hope for upgraded models, but I see a post suggesting an 8GB version will not be available in the US.


The UK site still has a page for the YB C930, but also states no models available to buy.


The US site still lists the YB C930 at a reduced price, but has none available.


The German site has availability at a high price, but states ‘only 10 left’


Has the model been dumped? Is this another great Lenovo idea that never got the support it needed to thrive?


It’s such a shame as the potential is high for the form factor if only it was supported in software.

US Outlet site glitch? Tons of P52s listed at awesome prices.

There are about 10 pages of Thinkpad P52s listed as available and In Stock with great prices.  E.g. i7, NVIDIA M520M, 16GB Ram for $272, 1 in Stock.  When you try to buy, none appear available.


Be sure to click Workstations and not just Laptops to see the listings.  I was pretty pumped even though I’m not actively needing one (W530 still going strong).


Just and FYI,


X1 Extreme Hangs on Reboot

Simply put – whenever I need to reboot, it hangs on the reboot.  (Doesn’t matter why – Windows 10 update, software install, etc.)


The workaround has been to not do a reboot, but instead, shutdown and then turn back on. 


A bit of a pain – and I would like to resolve it.



X1 Extreme

Windows 10 Pro

64 gb memory

Dual 2 tb SSDs

System Model 20MFCTO1WW

Expand TS150 to RAID1 without data loss?

Hello all,

I’m using a TS150 with one SSD drive. I have just bought a similar dish and I would like to set up both disks under RAID1.


But I’m a little bit afraid that the system might erase data on the current disk. Is there any procedure to follow so that it will definately copy the data drom the current disk to the new one and won’t erase the currently active disk?



Strange Keyboard Backlighting

Hello, everyone,

I just bought a Thinkpad P53S, Big Laptop!

Only thing, the keyboard backlight seems a lot lower compared to my old laptop.
Also the letter M and the number 8 are much less lit of all the other keys.

Does anyone have the same problem with their keyboard?


I’m waiting for your feedback.

Thank you very much,

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