Does the P53s support 4 displays?

I know the previous generation(P52s) would only support up to 3 total displays.  Does anyone know if this limitation is on the P53s as well?

Win10 v1903 update neverending loop: propting, downloading & installing.

For the past couple of days I have been experiencing problems with the Windows Update. I get prompted by the system about the 1903 update. It gets downloaded, then istalled (see attached), then the system reboots and configures the update. Windows opens up and prompts me abut the 1903 update again as if it was not installed just seconds before and the process starts over. This has no end!


I have already tried a few tricks and nothing helped. Tried the first three methods published here: The last one (the 3rd one on the site) failed with a communication  about a "CRC data error (23)". The first and second method also install Windows, but end up with "Windows installation has not succeeded". Also tried to use an external Windows Update installer "Autonomous Windows Update Installer" but this gives back a communication that "Windows safety update no. KB4509094 is already installed on this computer".


I am out of my mind. Please help.

invald IMei

hello ::

I have an issue that my device (lenovo A5000) 

had invald Imei and i had lost the mobile box and it doesn’t exist under phone cover ..

so i get imei 1 from google dashbord but imei 2 i cant get it .

is there is a way to find it ??

another Q ::

i use MTK engineering to put imei but still dont have a network…

is there any solution or its hardware problem ?

X1 Extreme AC Power Status Indicator

On page 48 of the Hardware Maint. Manual it describes the colors of the light for the ac power status indicator as the following:


This indicator shows the ac power and battery power status of the computer.

• White: connected to ac power (battery power 90%– 100%)

• Amber: connected to ac power (battery power 0%– 90%)

• Off: not connected to ac power


My laptop is plugged in and the male plug icon next to the battery icon (lower right) says Plugged in. However the ac power status indicator light is off. Sometimes when plugged in the light is white, other times it’s off.


I assume this is not typical behavior. This behavior may be responsible for the slow draining (1% every 2 days) of my battery even with AC power on 24/7.

Has anyone seen this atypical behavior of the ac power status light?

Lenovo Popup won't stop – regarding information collection

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on my H50-50 Desktop and I keep getting a popup that reads:


“For the continued improvement of Lenovo Products and Services, and to enhance the customer experience, Lenovo will collect basic information about your device (e.g., model type) during system setup. This is a one-off and nonrecurring Process. This process does not involve the collection of any personally identifiable information.”


I’ve clicked agree, cancel, and do not ask me again but it always comes back, every 8 minutes or so.


Does anyone know how to stop this?



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