DCSC 'View Detail'

We recently updated a function on the Customize page  – ‘View detail’, located under the Configuration Tree.

We have added more info into this View Detail pop up window. If you don’t want to go to summary page to check your configuration, you could directly click on View Detail link under Configuration Tree. You are able to see those parts which is auto-added and for users connected to Lenovo network and Partners launching DCSC from within Partner portal, you can see the Supply Status color. 


T470s fan when on AC power

I have a T470s with 20GB of RAM. I have noticed recently that my fan is on all the time when on AC Power, and checking the task manager the CPU is normally running at between 30% and 40%. I ran all the updates yesterday, and today the power configuration patch but still the same. If I remove the power cord then the fan stops.

Leonovo E560 amd card is not showing in device manager

Moved to proper forum

Leonovo E560 amd card is not showing in device manager

After upgrade to windows 10 Pro 1803 the AMD Card is not even showing or detected in Device Manager

Ideapad 330s LKB – Windows 7

Hi all,

yesterday got my new ideapad 330s.

I want to install W7 on it, and managed to make a usb bootable, with the USB 3.0 driver inside it.


W7 installation software start perfectly, then i manually install the USB 3.0 driver, it says is ok, and here the surprise:


I see no partitions, no drivers, and that is because he cannot find the storage driver (SSD).

He’s asking me the driver, but i don’t know where to find a W7 driver for the original SSD on my new laptop.


If someone could help and provide a link for a storage driver possibly working, i would apreciate a lot.

Also, maybe some BIOS setting could help W7 to find the SSD and its partitions.


Thanks in advance




[Please don’t tell me to install W10 or that this laptop is not built for W7. I don’t need that, neither i need to know the advantages og W10 compared to W7, or someone telling me that W7 is dead. W7 is and will always be my choice, not here to discuss about this.]



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