Connecting to multiple apps on M 10 _ many will not connect

Cannot connect to Facebook app on tablet, downloaded from play 


Cannot connect to Amazon music


Cannot connect to Facebook in games downloaded from play


Endless issues!  

Thinkpad T61 Bios Broken

I tryed to update bios to last version, everything went flawless, all was fine.

So i shutted down the laptop. When i come back later, and wanted to power on, surprise, only a fan spinning sound, that`s all, nothing else. No display, no beep, nothing… What to do? I readed a little bit, and what i can understant is my bios is broken, non functional. I readed something about some kind of crysys recovery, but i don`t even have voltage on usb, no usb drive`s led on, nothing. Not even dvd energy to power it. not even fn+special keys. What to do?

Tower turn on but nothing happens.

I have this Lenovo Region Y520t for less than a year and having so many problems. I use the computer only for editing photos. A week ago screen started locking up, cursor can’t move and computer can only turn off using power switch. Four days ago I turned it on, the tower, lights are on,  lights are on fans running but screen is black and no cursor. Can anyone tell me what is happening with this computer? I am not new to computers. I tried swithing around the memories, disconnecting the processor fan for a couple seconds making sure the processor is working but I am stumpped right now. Please help.

Lenovo K5 pro Dual sim set up

Hello. I have bought a Lenovo K5 pro device (Lenovo version: 5.0.088ST). I use it with 2 sim cards. Unfortunatelly I was not able to set up different colours for each cards. So when somebody calls me a can not make differece which number of mine is ringing. In my old phone I was able to choose: sim 1 was green Sim 2 was blue.

Please send me some advice.


Factory resetting an M10 tablet – the hard way

So I bought this tablet from Lenovo, it’s an M10, exact model is TB-X505F (71). I bought it to use it with my new Roland digital piano. After some days of happy usage, the system asked to install an android upgrade and I did. After that, the Roland app stopped working, making the tablet quite useless for me. The fault is probably on the app developer side, which doesn’t support android latest version, but of course I’d like to roll back to the previous firmware when things were working fine.


So I went to the settings and did a factory reset. No luck, android version stayed the same, the upgraded one.

Then I tried booting into recovery mode, do a factory reset from there (wipe partition & cache). Again, this did not revert the android version. 

The support team suggested to try the Moto Smart Assistant software which has a tool to rescue the device via flashing the original ROM. This looked like promising, but unfortunately the software seems not to be working with my device/PC: I followed the instructions, downloaded the image, connected the device, disconnected when it says so and then put it in Fast Boot mode, but when the software is trying to put the image on the device it just stays on the ‘Downloading recovery file to the phone’ phase and doesn’t move until after several minutes when it just says ‘Fail’. Meanwhile the tablet is showing the fast boot screen but doesn’t change the whole time. I suspect the tablet isn’t receiving anything from the PC. The device is also correctly (as far as I can understand from the green badge on the icon tray) recognized by Windows 7.


Any suggestions?


Is maybe there somewhere a ROM I can try to flash "manually" from the SD card or adb? 


Thank you in advance.


PS. I also already complained with Roland, but I guess that fixing the app will take longer than doing something on my side.

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