Battery 'Plugged in, Charging it but stuck at 0% help please

Yesterday I notice that my PC is closed after removing the chargeur when I go to battery menu they tell me Battery ‘Plugged in, Charging it but stuck at 0% I try 5 hours but Bettery still at 0% I have contact Microsoft and Microsoft technician checked my device compatibility and determined that device is not compatible to run version 1803 or higher of Windows 10. I am asking if you can providing the latest BIOS and driver updates for this particular model to make it compatible with Windows 10 version 1803 or higher. My device is Lenovo ideapad 300 nand I am see that all peoples now having same problem using Lenovo product I am looking for help as soon as possible



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Lenovo ideapad 100S 128 GB SSD card moving to another pc

Hi all


I have a Lenovo Ideapad 100s (14") (2016) that doesn’t boot and so have decided to buy a new one. The laptop has a 128 gb ssd drive (m.2 ?!) model: mz-nln1280, p/n mznln128hcgr-000L2 and it’s made by Samsung.


My question is that is it possible to install it to another computer in order to save all the pictures and videos that are in it?


PS: I bought it to my daughter to use at school, but she didnt need it and so it stayed in a closet for most of it’s lifespan. It was used about 20 times during the that time when she backed up her iphone’s photos and videos into it. So not the best value for money:(


Thanks in advance.

Kind regards



Fingerprint reader works briefly, then stops working

I have a Lenovo Yoga 730-15. After setting up the fingerprint reader for sign-on in Windows 10, it will work for perhaps a day or two but then become intermittent and after maybe 3 days will stop working completely. After going into PC Settings and deleting and setting up a new fingerprint read, the same pattern: works for a day or two, then becomes intermittent, then stops. Cleaning the pad (with electronics wipes) and updating to the latest fingerprint reader driver have not resolved the problem. According to Lenovo System Update, all critical and recommended updates have been installed. Any suggestions?

Lenovo P50 and Dock HDMI sound cutting problem



I have problem with sound cutting. Approximately once in minute sound stutters and it’s very annoying if you are watching movie or listening music. I have plug my Lenovo P50 in "ThinkPad 230W Workstation Dock" and dock is pluged in 4K monitor (BenQ PD3200U) with DP-cable and another HDMI cable goes to amplifier (Pioneer VSX-923). There is no stuttering problem with aux or bluethoot but I can’t output 5.1 sound trought these so HDMI is only way do this. Also if I move the HDMI cable directly in laptop HDMI port while laptop is in the dock there is no sound problem.


I have latest drivers for Quadro M2000 and for the dock. (All other drivers also is updated.)


I think problem is in the dock drivers? but i am not expert…


Sorry for bad english.

lenovo thinkpad Yoga 12 128GB SDXC support

I’m attempting to use a 128 GB microSDXC UHS-1 U3 Samsung EVOplus SDXC card. It seems to work only if I keep it under 64GB. Is there any way to extend the range to use 128GB?

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