Appeal to get Fn Lock

I have an  Ideapad S540, and it doesn’t come with Fn Lock. It’s very annoying to use the Function keys (F1-F12) in combination with Fn Key. I would request you to bring a software update which would enable Fn Lock (Fn + Esc) which is quite common these days in a lot of laptops.

x3650 M4 file corruption

Our X3650 M4 recently had an issue where a bad hard disk failed and was reported "missing" by the system. This prevented the system from booting. Lenovo was prepared to replace the backplane but replacing an eccentrically flashing hard disk (reported as missing) seemed to do the trick. Now as we restore we are experiencing a significant number of Event 55 file corruptions. Can we do anything while the server is "live" to clean up this file system? Does this sound like anything more ominous than file corruption from a restoration?





X280 Laptop – issue with using Think Centre screens

Hi Everyone – hope someone can assist.


Where I work, most of us have X260 laptops where we connect to Think Centre screens by means of DP to Mini DP cables. Like every screen has one permanently in the back of it.


Problem I have now, is some staff are starting to get the X280 laptop which doesnt have the mini dp port on it.


I’ve tried a couple of mini dp to USB-C adaptors from Amazon and they aint worked very well / if at all.


First of all – the display port to minidp cables have to stay – the majority of my staff have the x260 laptops, so I think I need some kind of adaptor.


Which adaptors deffo work with lenovo kit?


Many Thanks



T540p WIFI is connected then randomly disconnects



I have a T540p laptop.

I am connected to my home wifi when i first bought the laptop (used) it was fine and then the wifi kept disconnecting and reconnecting about 5 times an hour.

I removed and re added and updated drivers for network.

Updated WIN10 and WIN 10 had a fresh install in mid July.

Went to the lenovo website and updated all drivers for the laptop

Went to device manager network and unchecked the field under power management.

Disabled secure boot.

I am running out of things to try.

I have never had this with any other laptop.

I am almost at the point of wanting to buy another laptop.


Can anyone recommend anything I can try to resolve this issue.


New IX4-300D installation

Hi all,


Just purchased a new IX4-300D as it was a good price. Have done the USB key boot with firmware, then installed 4 WD Red 3Tb drives (not new but formatted) and need to know what happens next?


Turning the NAS on, it boots to 95% with the blue light on steady, the while light blinks. And then it just sits there. I presume there is some internal process that needs to happen to get the disks into the correct format etc but there is no indication of anything.


How long should it take from first boot to get the NAS up and running and ready to accept data? I’ve never done this before so I presume this could be quite normal but I’ve not found any sort of "what happens on the first boot" type guide.


Thanks 🙂

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