Add hdd and increase RAM on Lenovo ThinkPad e480

Hello, I am Nevie to use Lenovo,

I’ve just bought my first laptop and there is lot to learn.

I’ve ordered ThinkPad e480 and it’s on it’s to me.

However because the Laptop has 256 SDD, I am hoping to add additional 1 or 2 tb HDD and RAM. 

Any advise is most appreciate. 

Would this HDD fit into Thinkpad e480:


WD Blue 2TB Internal 2.5 inches Hard Drive SATA 6 Gb/s 15mm Height 5400RPM Model WD20NPVZ


and Ram



8.0 DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM


Thanks for answering my Question. 

G500 – drivers for Windows10

there are not drivers for windows 10. all updates failed. the latest version of windows 10 is longer supported after Oct 2017. What is the solution?



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V110-15IKB 80TH – Wont Boot up. Caps Lock and power flashing 3 months old

Hi All,


Purchased this laptop for my daughter for Christmas new from ebuyer. She went to use it yesterday and it wont boot.

With the power plugged in the orange power light flashes say every 1 second.

The caps lock flashes about every 5 seconds. The screen flashes very very quicky/briefly as though it wants to boot at a similar time to the caps flashing.

With the power cabel out it does the same but the orange power light flashes slower say every 5 seconds.


Im very confident in taking it apart if needs be to reset anything etc as long as this doesnt void the warranty which i still have but would like to get it fixed sooner rather than later.


Any suggestions?


Thanking you in advance.




how to change my backlight keyboard to red??

Double tap Lock Screen

does double tap feature consumes lot of battery.?

I’m using Lenovo k8 plus

What are ur views pls suggest

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