A396 Dual-SIM smartphone – why such a dearth of posts about it? :)

Hello, Community!

My first post…


I’d damaged my Motorola phone, so have dug out an old spare my dad (who lives in HK) left me, on his last visit here to the UK.

It’s a Lenovo A396.  Original box says so.  As do *2* stickers under the battery; the S/N +IMEI sticker, and the Chinese one with .. probably a purchase inventory number or something on it ..
Not so "old" – it’s in good nick, still clean and new-looking..


I was hoping to find more info in the Community boards here, but only 1 post about rooting, not solved; and a mention in another post about a 5xx series phone..


There seem to be enough websites out there with some mention / discussion of the A396 (I’ve not looked into them too deeply yet!), and while my G50-45 laptop is out of warranty and I can still find its info page in Lenovo’s site, there’s NOTHING for the A396 phone _at all_.. :O 


The closest I got was Lenovo A390… but the image on that page didn’t look quite right — like it was "missing" the slots on the back for the speaker . . . . .


ANYone know where I might find "official" A396 bumpf, across Lenovo’s site?  Thank you!

Replacement keyboard for T470 laptop

Dear all,


I have bought a T470 model number 20hd0001ge. It camte with a Swiss-German keyboard but I wish to replace with a UK keyboard with no backlight.


I would appreciate if somone gives the FRU for the UK keyboard.


Thanks beforehand,



lenovo ideapad 100-15IBY WONT TURN ON, STUCK IN SLEEP MODE?

my lonove idea pad 100-15IBY JUST WONT TURN ON, there are 2 lights flashing on the laptop indicating that it is in sleep mode, when i plug the charger the charge light indcates that it is charging. if i press the power button the light goes into a solid state for a few seconds and then it just goes back to flasing again. i have have removed the internal battery hoping it will reboot nothing, i have tried to use the one key recovery button located on the side, but nothing. i have removed rams, CMOS BATTERY BUT NOTHING. 


the laptop is out of warranty and i rally need it to work, i am a student and dont have much money to fix it, i use this laptop on a daily basis and my work is now stuck on it pls help…

ThinkPad 13 1st Gen autobrightness problem in Windows 10



Laptop: ThinkPad 13 1st Gen.

OS: Windows 10 Home x64.

I have a problem like in this thread: if I open a white image on the screen (let’s say Windows Explorer) – brightness is OK, if I switch to a dark image (let’s say command line) – screen gets darker. It is very annoying, since the text becomes barely readable on  such a dark-dark screen. If I switch back to white – brightness start to increase again.

It is not related with an ambient light sensor, since screen brightness changes depending on screen contents, not on ambient light level.


This ‘feature’ works only when on battery, when laptop is on AC, brightness works correctly.


I have set autobrightness to OFF in Lenovo Vantage settings, and also set ‘Enable adaptive brightness’ to OFF in the Windows Balanced power plan settings.

Previously I was also making additional changes inside Intel HD Graphics CP and the problem disappeared. But after some Windows update this Intel control panel was removed and I can’t install it back: when I launch Intel driver setup, it says somehting like ‘Please install driver from the laptop manufacturer’, i.e. from Lenovo, and driver from Lenovo website doesn’t install Intel control panel.


Is there any way to disable this stupid behavior?

Lenovo Ideapad 510-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) SSD upgrade?

I want to know that Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB Laptop Internal Solid State Drive (MZ-M5E250BW) is compatible with my laptop?

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