yoga 710-11 – no wake-on-lan option in bios?

hi – any possibility to activate WAKE-ON-LAN IN BIOS for yoga 710-11?. my bios version is uptodate: 0ucn25ww. there is a boot-option PCI-LAN. I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work. all other checks are made for wake-up from sleep mode with magic packet (router, nic, energy-mode) – thanks for help – diwall

Lenovo Vantage App Causing Battery Drain!

Beware the Lenovo Vantage app. My PC (Carbon X1 gen 6) started to auto wake up every weekday morning at 05:30 from hibernate, even when I was away on holiday. I had a frustrating time trawling through scheduled tasks, power plan settings and device power settings, all to no avail. The powercfg sleep study and wake timer diagnostics did not help either – it just said unknown wake reason.


The culprit? It’s Lenovo’s own app – Lenovo Vantage. There is a (new?) feature called Smart Standby that automatically set itself to ON. This automatically wakes your computer every weekday at 05:30 ready for work. It must save all of 10 seconds start up on my laptop.


I’ve turned it off and hurrah, the PC stays hibernated.


Also it fixes another issue – I found that the "Hibernate After" time setting was being changed from my value. Yes, Lenovo Vantage was silently zapping that too.


So beware this dangerous app. Shame on Lenovo for turning this feature on by default and not explaining its consequences better.

Lenovo k8 note

pl change the  lenovo k8 note back button from left side to right side.its tough to use the back buttom from leftside pl consider this us by lenovo developer team

The screen is dark on Legion Y520

When playing games, if I’m going inside a chamber/cave/room whatever, I can barely distinguish anything in there, it’s so dark that I can’t see, even with the Brightness 100% on. Is there a way to adjust contrast and brightness of the default laptop colors?

Does Lenovo K8 Note really have heating issues?

My mobile over heating for normal usage of 2 minutez also after the mother board change pls suggest me

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